Old domain name to do new sites in April made three thousand and seven hundred yuan personal expe

to the last day at half past two in the morning, he said to me: "Liu Laomu, you will not look like a dog lying on the floor with my work, Lao Tzu already quit. "But now I must go, because my wife has gone into the delivery room,"

today, share with you about a labor intensive start-up company five "engage" a little humble opinion.


a small reward:

as a self-employed 5 years of continuous self-employed, originally wanted to go to the Internet, did not expect to be given to the internet. To sum up the large and small pits I’ve stepped on, I think CEO must know five "


then, after I made a long time around A5 thinking, finally made the Wuhan area education website art network decision, and when, in April of 08 registered www.027art.com later because the job has been very busy, no care, this place is 8 months.


some friends may know, the fine arts college entrance examination is an exam is hot, but only a little knowledgeable people can distinguish useful information within the industry, want to make a station, the experience is quite painful ah, I am almost A5 to share all kinds of techniques are used, just that when is the art exam time, many people search for test information, I have to manually update the information and data of each university, and the establishment of the candidates answer section, many candidates slowly parents call me, I answered on the web, these small details are the foundation of 027art.com in word of mouth between the candidates. So the site has full development, something about the art of Wuhan keywords are ranked in the home page, the site also slowly began to have the vitality of



CEO Liu Laomu.


The core of

one, engage in strategic

people, people, money, strategy, cultural values, free PR.

, from 0 to 1, CEO had to work like a dog before he could get a few dogs to follow you. I thought it would take only a while for the dog to be OK. I don’t think the company is going to be 1.8 years old. I still live like a dog. I don’t have the feeling that CEO is on the top of my life. But turn around and see, the core team around me all live like a dog, the heart is a lot of comfort.

the development of excellent enterprises is phased, and can be roughly divided into three stages, from gangs to corporations and then to oligarchs.

interesting school of transportation has an ancient point of view: entrepreneurship is against humanity, to start the business, do not like the earth people to live.

• lead the company’s culture and mission

at the end of last year, when a teacher I know the lectures around the studio, I put the Wuhan art network under the Hubei art college entrance examination website out for reference to explain this legend, practice, makes my website has great influence in the Wuhan major studio, one night I check flow, actually there are 1723 people, want to know where the station before and I have no serious, with this result, I was very surprised, so I re do the Wuhan art network, and positioning under the Hubei fine arts college entrance examination to the Wuhan art network network.

When I am interested in learning >

In the early days of

was first established, there were no product managers, technical teams, nor UI designers. For the APP1.0 version on the line, we borrowed the brothers company graphic designer for us hand-painted interactive map". Work overtime every day for five days until midnight.


strategy is not only war, but also slightly. CEO must learn to grasp the key work to form effective "war" and "slight"". No matter how clear the strategy is, every battle ahead is muddy.

wrote in the front: first of all thank A5, here, I learned a lot of standing experience, let me do personal standing has a real understanding! This article is mainly to provide you an idea diversity analysis of the website money with a view to Wangzhuan road is not only the GG.MM.BAIDU and the alliance mode.

• make yourself stronger

the beginning of 2006, I had a blog, the name is E network library, then almost doesn’t need to optimize, also do not know how to optimize, listen to others for GG, I also try to apply the results of the first month, through the GG, I made $180 at that time, my blog traffic the whole is from Baidu search engine, the maximum time is 20 thousand IP, GG revenue, the highest of the day is: 12.45$, ha ha, I really do not regret before delivery, may be at that time, a lot of it, then, GG advertising revenue is less and less, but also because of my blog title change frequently the Baidu shielding the home page, I want to have a kind of mode, can try to not rely too heavily on these alliances, after all, this is too unstable to

1. recognize development stage

begins with the process:

put aside the dose to talk about toxicity, leaving the stage to talk about development is a rogue.


• bringing together top talent

causes the station:

Li Kaifu said that startups CEO should spend 90% of their time on the following three things: Li Kaifu: the $three super Unicorn must do these things

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