Secret ways to make money using the nternetSitting on 480 billion rivers he suddenly naked speech

in 1992, after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, the state issued a series of policies to encourage the development of private economy in the reform of the economic system, a number of government agencies, research institutes, intellectuals have taken the initiative to venture into the sea. This year, with 4000 dollars in the U. S. consulate outside for a long time, Guo Guangchang, after a fierce ideological struggle, and eventually gave up the dream of studying abroad for many years. He immediately found Liang Xinjun, told him: "no going abroad, ready to resign, run the company.".

for Wangzhuan, now most people are looking for information by sh419 and other search engines, in this process, we often see a lot of methods to make money online, for example, will often see "method" or "earn thousands of dollars in the latest Internet money" and other ads, these general advertising with temptation deep, in order to help the novice contact doubt today I’ll make money for everyone secret Internet announced.

You must have heard

quit his job at

two, how to make money using the Internet

beam letter military action supported Guo Guangchang. He gave up the Fudan University’s "iron rice bowl" from his family and quietly resigned. With Guo Guangchang borrowed funds for study, plus a little more than liang

Abstract: Liang and Guo Guangchang handed the materials carefully, and the staff took a glance and put them aside to ask them to go back and wait for the announcement. Guo Guangchang was too nervous to leave, a reel, almost fell, Liang Xinjun caught him. Two days later, Ganso food notice said, has passed the qualification examination, to participate in the bidding.

3, through Taobao, open Taobao store selling goods

, two, more than 20 year old young people, often together to exchange ideas and imagine the future, "ambitious," a heart to the United States, so that in the future "self-cultivation", "Qijia", "rule the country, the world."".

1, use hang up software to make money

advertising alliance is the largest shlf1314 Adsense, that is, shlf1314 Advertising Alliance, through the pay per click. This is almost as good as hanging money, just having your own website, or you can put the code in the ad league.


is an abbreviation for higher profits and income through the Internet, known as the network and network marketing belong to wangzhuan.

, what is the higher

2, advertising League ads make money

said a novice will think: Wangzhuan is to make money online, make money by clicking on ads or hang up advertising, many beginners would be considered to be a minor, begging for a state of mind. When I first contact Wangzhuan have such a mentality, but now it’s different. Oh, who is said to Wangzhuan the best men? I think that Ma, he has been in his Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and a large scale, if you do not understand or do not know who it is you Ma’s "Altman" out man. In fact Wangzhuan is not a minor, he can as a kind of occupation or to do business. Through advertising or hang software, as the Navy, do e-commerce platform, the sale of goods, Taobao provides SEO website optimization services belong wangzhuan.

Taobao’s daily trading volume is hundreds of millions of, every day there are hundreds of thousands of people in Taobao online shopping, if you have a fixed supply, you can open a Taobao store selling their goods is also good,

one summer, Liang Xinjun and Guo Guangchang led the students to participate in social practice in Zhejiang, they visited many outstanding enterprises, the private economy has witnessed fast upsurge, deeply touched. In the eyes of the two, Fudan seems to be decent work, but compared to the tide of the market in the fight against the waves, creating wealth, a scientific research, and school work on time, it is too dull. Two young people, full of ideals and passions, have buried the seeds of entrepreneurship in this regard".


as one of the two founders of Fosun Group first, Liang Xinjun and Guo Guangchang in the past 25 years, let 38 thousand of capital to 480 billion, 2016, is over 10 billion 270 million net profit, earnings rose 27.7% transcripts. Always to "iron partner" image shows the Fosun two group, no sign of which, one of them choose bare words, contrary to all expectations.

Liang Xinjun was born on 1968 in Zhejiang Taizhou, after graduating from Fudan University in 1991, he became a league teacher. In the league, Liang Xinjun soon and he was two years old, the same school fellow Guo Guangchang became good friends.

model is a Wangzhuan Wangzhuan alliance, there is a certain number of everyone hung like software, click on the ads to others with royalty, such income Wangzhuan is outdated, and not too much money.

without telling his family

"Dear Fosun students: Despite the overwhelming physical reasons, here to say goodbye to you for a while.". From this day on, I will quit my job at Fosun management and board of directors……" Late in the night, one of Shanghai’s biggest private firms, CEO Liang Xinjun of Fosun Group, suddenly announced his resignation by way of an open letter from.

4, through the Taobao alliance to do Taobao customers

Taobao is a Alibaba under the door off the platform, after several years of development now there are many webmaster to get a good income through Taobao, this mode is the promotion of taobao goods through the promotion, you will receive a commission if someone through your address or promotion promotion code into Taobao network transactions. It seems difficult, but not done

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