Zhou Hongyi analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the nternet era innovation can not be


because of accurate positioning, product use, coupled with powerful market cooperation and promotion means, network invincible, and in the form of plug-in installed to fast computer thousands on thousands of users. Two years later, the 3721 successful, Chinese Internet plug-in once more than 90% of China’s Internet users, the daily use of more than 80 million people. In 2001, 3721 took the lead in announcing profits in the Internet industry. By 2002, 3721 of sales went up


Taobao customer promotion in the end need what kind of promotion ideas? This is our today Taobao tutorial series 3 to communicate the topic!

think, now Taobao off site to get traffic mainly in the following ways: the first is of course sh419 and shlf1314, it is easy to say that we do not discuss; second is our direct promotion, such as , RSS, mail, forum, blog and so on; third Links.


, Chen Han,

Internet veterans,

this year, according to Robin Li in Silicon Valley as well as the experience of living in the mainland has published the "Silicon Valley business" one book, and Ma Huateng collected 500 thousand founded the Tencent, in 1999, Robin Li took the risk investment returning to the founder of sh419, Ding Lei founded the NetEase in 500 thousand, Chen Tianqiao grand founder, Ma registered Alibaba.

October 1998, the 28 year old founder Zhou Hongyi left, establishment of FA Software Co. ltd.. The company’s website, 3721, is taken from the meaning of "no 37, twenty-one". The new company started with 5 people, all his founder colleagues.

before 1998, the first generation of Internet users use a complex English site, still excited, Zhou Hongyi is to seize the users need for surfing, trying to convince leaders to develop the corresponding product, but the product design has not been approved by the leadership.

second, , forum, blog, E-mail Promotion and SNS and three party platform, this is the key to this test, I why, because I relatively understand myself and now I have a circle. Through the third party platform import traffic even directly through the third party platform for sales, you can save a lot of promotion costs, comparison website, SEO, and I am more important is that it can help me to quickly find the potential crowd me, bring me direct sales. Here I illustrate with SNS. SEO to do with the Tao people know, do the long tail word can be very good to achieve transformation, is relatively easy, but also the degree of competition SEO everyone can see, you can not stand long in ranking, it is important that you can let more people see you. Although I am! SEO knows, but think to go > and the vast majority of SEOer

opened the 1970 born "cattle man" resume, how many people can not see, not feel". Born in Hubei, grew up in Henan, because parents are surveying and mapping engineering and technical personnel, Zhou Hongyi early contact with the computer. In 1992, Zhou Hongyi was sent to Graduate School of Xi’an Jiao Tong University. During the course of study, you have compiled game software and antivirus products. In order to sell their products, but also opened two small companies, and finally failed.

, let’s talk about why other people come to your website or enter your Taobao store from your promotional links,

for sh419 and shlf1314 our way to get traffic through the SEO is the SEO master no ground for blame, the longest way by this way, the most commonly used but the real effect, able to sh419 together in front of the row is that several people, several positions can be left to Amoy friends — not all friends can go to the competition these positions, or you do not have the ability to rob. A lot of people do, the ranking is up, did not even make money, because you did not catch the crowd, you want to start from you is not the wrong choice, for your products, your ability, not the other way is more suitable for you. I didn’t do that in this test.

in the same year, Zhou Hongyi launched the 3721 "network real name" predecessor – Chinese Web site. The essence of network real name is actually to build a Chinese addressing system under the system of English domain name, which is specially designed for Chinese people to access the internet.

once again on the podium, Zhou Hongyi is still wearing its iconic "Red T shirt", a more profound analysis of the Internet era challenges and opportunities. He said: "I have always been regarded as a very two entrepreneur." Indeed, the controversy about "two" seems to have been accompanied by Zhou Hongyi.


in this society, I believe that the impetuous people to do network, meet the eye everywhere, people may be more impetuous! Whether you believe it or not, but there is such a fact, that is Taobao off many people, make people less money off Taobao. Why is this happening? I want to just above or not will not choose the product, promotion methods, I think more should be to promote marketing ideas our friends in Taobao customer before have, how can you let others into your website or to your link entrance, but also can further let people buy! This is the key to

and Zhou Hongyi this "work" has continued to leave the founder group. In 1995, Zhou Hongyi joined the founder group after he graduated from graduate school. In October 1997, Zhou Hongyi organized the successful development of the first China copyright of Internet software founder flying e-mail, although do not belong to the founder of the Internet business, also not founder flying success, but Zhou Hongyi still practiced hand in this project.

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