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in the former mobile Internet era, the information dissemination of intellectuals is more of the news gatekeeper to operate, or "small series" to complete. Looking back on the history of the information market, it is actually a process of narrowing the distance between the platform and the audience. "Small Bian" in the relatively young Internet era, played an active atmosphere, closer and user distance, reflect the affinity and many other functions. After the "mobile messaging client", which boasts "accurate push" and "personalized service", has emerged and became popular rapidly, "Xiao Bian" has been replaced or partially replaced by machine algorithms.

recently found that some Taobao store manager to use micro-blog to promote weight loss, breast enhancement and other profiteering products, into the Ali mother union check Commission, only 1.5%. As can be seen, is the manager used to attract Taobao customers to promote high commission general profiteering products are more than 30% to try micro-blog promotion.

"Taobao" means someone who helps Taobao sellers to promote goods and earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%. Taobao customers, for the majority of Taobao manager is also a big good thing, because it can effectively control the cost of the advertising of goods only by Taobao sold off promotion after you need to pay a commission, for some profits of products such as weight loss, breast enhancement, freckle, the manager set high commission, Taobao guest the successful promotion of a product is more than 100 yuan Commission, attracted tens of thousands of Taobao customers to promote and achieve the win-win purpose, is Taobao off tens of thousands of monthly income of commission. Micro-blog marketing is currently a very popular low-cost marketing manager for Taobao, is to attract Taobao to promote the guest or micro-blog promotion is more effective and more low cost? Micro-blog promotion stovepipe socks data to compare the following in my last December.

simple division, at present, news client market is mainly "give you what you want" and "I give you that good" two camps, at first glance, "you want to have more customers favor, they are like many vertical field microphone Mongolia together.

Wuhan University professor Shi Yibin

"gatekeeper" was first proposed by American social psychologist and one of the four founders of communication science Kurt Lu Yin. In 1950, White, a communication scholar, made clear the process of news screening in ·

2, micro-blog advertising costs


micro-blog promotion, PK Taobao, customer


in the field of pure algorithms, the gatekeeper role is missing. The precision of the information push, the negative effect is most obviously, as the new Institute of Peking University Professor Xu Yi analysis as: easy to use and enlarge the audience inertia, easily trapped in them by their own interest limittation in "information island". Because of the convenient and labor-saving "human services", so many people will meet and indulge in a news client according to the information of the old interest limited outlook push, become the information circular prison data frenzy in the poor prisoner.

last December I manage the micro-blog Marketing Institute a 18W audience sign account, soft radio broadcast made large trumpet stovepipe socks, one to two times a day is not set. Guarantee day PV100 or so.

wrote the dissemination of the "one dimensional, hyper reality and Implosion" this sentence in a Book: the intellectual’s job is to make people rich, make people think more, make people have the ability to deal with the perplexing situation.

according to the market price at that time, 18W audience’s account broadcast once, also 150 yuan, if long-term has single, also can hit twenty percent off, one month for 3000 yuan, once every day to two times has been very satisfied. From the above data comparison, it is easy to see, reduce the profits of Taobao products promotion commission, as micro-blog promotion cost is feasible and effective, reduce promotion costs. 6886-3000=3886 yuan. But for Ali, the alliance is bad. A IP cost 1.5 yuan, an IP less than, but the quality of IP brought from micro-blog is very high.

in fact, many users have realized that the so-called personalized recommendation is actually not accurate, but still in droves. In the book of influence, BCialdini asserts, "when judging what is right, we act according to the opinions of others, especially when we judge whether an action is correct in a given situation.". If we see someone doing something on an occasion, we conclude that it makes sense." Personalized recommendation has undoubtedly become "politically correct" in this mobile information era".


1, micro-blog account and micro-blog marketing

, in theory, it’s hard for the three intellectuals to get a wide range of fans in the world, and if they drive a WeChat, the number of users is a lot less than that. The former because of fear of knowledge itself is difficult to self flying, the latter can through the mass and shape the "G-spot poke ruthless worship microphone Mongolia teaching". As a master of letters and a writer of "good pain", Jin Shengtan is actually an elite intellectual. As a net blogger, she is an advertising copywriter who caters to the public.


went to 2521IP, 2708PV, through the account of the 18W listener all through December. A total of 313 pairs autumn and winter wear tights, no pants, 10 pairs per day turnover. Each pair of commissions 22 yuan, altogether 6886 yuan, buckles goes to 10% Ali mother’s technical service fee. The final proceeds of 6197 yuan.

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