Have the ideal grassroots webmaster can stand the years of disciplineViking Yu Qianghua nternet ban

Viking founder Yu Qianghua met in Jinsha River venture capital, only spent 5 minutes, the two sides will part. Yu Qianghua Drogba have tried and vice president of sh419, we recommend the use of Viking infrastructure services to help sh419 to build Internet banking, at the same time, the establishment of rules, make the various sh419 business department can distinguish between business interests, and promote each other. As a result, a month later, sh419 launched 100 hair products, shouting 8% annualized income. This and Yu Qianghua recommended to sh419 Internet banking business path is very different.


lead: Viking main implementation of basic services of Internet banking services in. Know better than the financial Internet Co, more than understand the Internet financial company, Yu Qianghua said that this is the biggest advantage of this.

3. grassroots webmaster are ideal. Without ideals and without ideas, they will not adhere to the above two points.

can see me this article should, 90% are webmaster friends, because I often write some webmaster things, many friends add me and I discuss grassroots webmaster those hard forced days. Here is not in the declaration of some negative energy, but just want to open your heart and say, grassroots webmaster those are not easy.

it is important to have ideals, and it is more important to persist in striving for ideals. Hope that those who like me grassroots webmaster, can insist on their career to do, and have harvested. After years of discipline, honed out of the people, is ready to succeed.

with the baptism of the years, the passion to do the site may be hit again and again and disappear, of course, there are many friends who stick to it. For the sake of my dream, I really go on and persist in the afternoon. And I, four years have done a lot of sites, mostly because of various reasons and aborted. If I persist, I may have burst into a world of my own.

know more than financial Internet Co, more than understand the Internet financial company, Yu Qianghua said that this is the biggest advantage of this.

2. grassroots webmaster are integrated talents. I once in the article < < four years experience, talk about grassroots webmaster of those difficult > > said: "a grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, do the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance.". It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent".

Internet banking industry, everywhere is pit

Yu Qianghua in the Internet financial philosophy has been everywhere rebuffed, which once made him very painful. But fortunately, Yu Qianghua found like-minded people – IDG capital and sina. IDG believes that Yu Qianghua’s architectural skills and technical capabilities have also witnessed his realization of China’s financial marketization, RMB internationalization and interest rate marketization. In 2013, the Viking team IDG investment, in cooperation with sina, Yu Qianghua provides a solution to establish a trading platform based on micro-blog, Sina to help build a micro-blog wallet, credit treasure and other products.

I and most webmasters are the same, have their own dreams, dreams of their own web site every day IP break 10000, in fact, IP break not break Wan is not important, just want to break every day income only. But those independent websites, the daily income of over ten thousand grassroots webmaster and how many, the webmaster have been to the Moonlight blog, moonlight can be said to be independent blog to do the most professional, best, the highest income of the bar. He was the first in the Internet independent blog industry. But the cost of the server and so on, advertising revenue, I do not want to do, China’s first collection of waste industry income. Of course, this is not to say that the moonlight is not good, Moonlight blog is my very respected blog.

in 2013 Viking typical customer Qijia network as an example, according to the needs of the Qijia network founder Yu Qianghua, a customized family purse. In addition to providing guarantee payments, this product can also meet the online payment scenarios such as cash payment and portfolio payment, and make the family nets clear settlement capability. From the end of 2013, the project, by 2014, the family line on the wallet, only more than 2 months time.

Yu Qianghua graduated

I don’t know if you’re going to agree with me four points, but I did it. What are the women waiting for over the last four years?.

this so-called "infrastructure", can be likened to the image of the Internet finance "utility". Specifically, refers to the implementation of the Internet banking business strategy consulting, IT infrastructure, background system building, technical support and a series of basic services.

find a grassroots webmaster to marry

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4. grassroots webmaster are curtilage. Every day, the computer is their own business, home at home, do not worry, go out to find girls.

Internet banking has a lot of opportunities to display. In the eyes of many people, making infrastructure is hard work, dirty work, dirty work, in some words, "it’s not Sexy". But Yu Qianghua realized that the infrastructure for the development of the whole industry to supply the demand, he was founded Viking brewing in the early 2011. So, he first with sina, micro-blog cooperation, "test the water" after the success of the official registration of the company.

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1. grassroots webmaster are aspirant. The webmaster is not easy, especially the grassroots, every day to the search engine grab a good ranking, and is tireless, do their own business. Even if the search engine K, have to rally, continue to climb up ahead.


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