Five points of Shanghai dragon learning

What is the

second, we must have a website

why do you say that, in fact, very simple, do anything to have a plan and, if not, the easiest things may extend to the infinite horizon, give yourself a deadline is very important, such as two or 3 months, for me, I had this reading is mechanical and electrical integration, then engaged in security work after graduation, two years after the machinery factory engaged in the professional work, in which more than two years of work experience, eat a lot of pain, then a chance decided to find a can of course is to choose the venture, Shanghai dragon industry, want to make a move in the local society of Shanghai website, then you can give your site Longfeng drainage, the idea was two months to Shanghai Dragon Society, quit work, must learn this skill, to After two months of learning is also limited, about three months to learn entry. Give yourself a deadline to be a reasonable, why it is reasonable, because the ability to understand the basis of a lot of students themselves are not the same, if to say two or three months, but two or three months later did not learn, so it’s easy to have a sense of failure, resulting in learning to give up, some may need half some, can learn a month, of course this is to have a guide, the subjective effect is also not ideal for a year.

, the first to set a reasonable deadline to give yourself

not to do not do website refers to? Refers to some websites you do very difficult to achieve your goal, because as a hanging wire of the webmaster, not so much money or resources to promote marketing, some websites are not suitable for optimization, or need to have the resources to.

third, don’t do not do the website

many students want to do Shanghai dragon, but they don’t have a website, no website can not practice, senior CAD like I did, one or two years without basic are forgotten, so if is the theory of learning, not to practice and use, will soon be forgotten, experience is accumulated out and that one ought to do what the website? Now suggest a product can go to station, Ali’s father find sources or through a friend, and is to be a place of Shanghai dragon blog, such as "Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing" Shanghai dragon dragon "".

a lot of new Adsense just joined the Internet environment, all want to get a lot of traffic through the search engine to the free flow of the channel, but not everyone know Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, so that when we get the traffic has put a lot of time and energy, sometimes even energy time spent at traffic did not come, in this process, many owners will give up, other Shanghai dragon is a technology, which contains a lot of knowledge points, you can learn and not one or two days, it should be how to learn Shanghai dragon, here I give you some advice.

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