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in 2005, when the face recognition company was bought by shlf1314 four rumors, but its product has just passed the preliminary test phase. "For shlf1314 takeover rumors, insiders are not… But…. obviously, this company is now on hold after the reception Public opinions are divergent.," launch party in Michael Arrington Riya TechCrunch in the backyard, Michael wrote in a blog.

induced clicks – ad positions for

advertising display, launch page

they’re all wrong,

1. shall not be able to produce misleading and misleading language descriptions near advertising places, such as "wonderful recommendation" and "related links" the actual part is advertising position.

Riya interface

shlf1314 tried to approach the game to solve its own problems of image search: users can use words to describe the picture of the image, so that shlf1314 search engine will then select information on the screen shows the relevant picture from the key. Riya, the founder of Like, believes that there will be many people who want to circle their friends or other things in the picture, so that they can be more easily incorporated into the picture library. The company can thus accumulate a picture database that does not exist in the user’s copyright, and then sell the advertisement to the user through the data.

"I’m curious what they’re looking for. Why don’t they use shlf1314 or YAHOO pictures instead of our website?" two questions lead to a new direction.

4. through JS and other means to click the open interface hidden or automatic shielding, resulting in user clicks still can not see the promotion interface.


state laws and family rules, in order to let mother platform more orderly and healthy development; Ali mother integrity behavior criterion — "black law enforcement station code" is now available, please read the following carefully, after Spring is in the air. April, Black Cat Detective will be in strict accordance with the implementation of


Riya was indeed a rising star.

Venture capitalists

4. on the flash, video or audio loading area, Ali mother advertising

2. places arrows, downloads, instructions, graphics, or other directed graphics near the display position of the ad to induce or mislead the user into invalid clicks.

Riya promises the process of moving image retrieval by discarding the need for metadata and really realizing the identification of faces and objects in photos. In 2005, the fine search text has computer effortlessly, but if they want to analyze and identify one of the photos are what, they will only numb "machine".

with a great reputation, such as Bay Partner and Leapfrog Ventures, invested $19 million 500 thousand to the company, co-founder of Burak Gokturk’s capability in the technical field: he is Dr. Standford, was also a recognition of experts, under the name of a dozen more patents.

this system is too complex, a program containing five steps, and there are two branches. The business plan is based on too many assumptions, "is how, then what will happen, then how will……. And then we will begin to make money, but it does some twists and turns." CEO Munjal Sha>

3. ad position from the site function button area near, including from the download button, click on the play, the article page, etc. distance of less than 20 pixels, or easily confused, causing delays.

3. by modifying the code, change the code, display the color, size, the realization of Ali mother disguised as a forum, a message or other forms of news.

all K people, mom will notice to see this post: club.alimama/thread-86987-1-2.html, it is clear that Ali mother refers to the violation of the rules before you K your station, I opened this post N times, but only recently read it carefully, I would like to ask. K is the webmaster, you have read this post? If not, we have to analyse

2. rewards users for business click behavior.


1. appeared to be induced, misleading language description on the website, such as "please click on the ads in support of the station" "welcome to click on ads, click on the ads before they can download" and "click on the ads after registered members" or click on their ads;


wrote the title, I don’t think the webmaster do not believe, I believe that the vast majority of the owners are willing to speak out is honest, but I don’t jump to conclusions, so only in the neutral point of view. My mother is not the only drag, I think to others before, we always give yourself the first row if you were wrong, no wrong, you should strive to the end, but if he is wrong, but will not be a bite of

FC series of articles aimed at exploring the major decisions that could change the company’s fortunes and lead the company to great success

induced click – site production

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