Before the novice recruits Shanghai dragon industry question

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is currently in Shanghai Longfeng no precise definition, because the search engine updates the old technology will fail, just like the black hat technology, now how to use black hat than will be punished. When it is not a novice, personal definition: >

so we can get traffic through Shanghai Dragon Technology in the search engine, for directional flow, what is the directional flow? Directional flow is the accurate flow, the user through the search engine to your page is on your page there is a demand of the crowd, this flow is the directional flow, and directional flow transaction conversion rate is very high.

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5. when not a novice

a lot of people have asked this question, that is currently engaged in the Shanghai dragon crowd has a lot, so Shanghai dragon also feasible? As for this problem. I will not say more, you can love Shanghai in search of Zhaopin, choose your city, then the search box enter the Shanghai dragon word search. You will find at least hundreds of Companies in the recruitment of personnel in Shanghai dragon. This data to prove what? That Shanghai dragon gap is still very large.

2. why do Shanghai dragon

five, when not a novice

Shanghai is a dragon take technology in all walks of life, any industry can use the technology to carry out the sales promotion of Shanghai dragon. It is the market outlook is very bright.

4. Shanghai dragon is really feasible?

name (search engine optimization) commonly known as the optimization search rankings, and Shanghai dragon is only for ranking? The answer is certainly not, we do Shanghai dragon to do directional flow. Only for directional flow is the real dragon in Shanghai Longfeng.

three, Shanghai dragon can bring what we

four, Shanghai dragon is really feasible?

as a novice, before the entry of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon must understand to understand Shanghai dragon.

3. Shanghai dragon can bring what we

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1. what is Shanghai dragon

, what is the Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon can give us what? Shanghai dragon can bring us the value far cannot be estimated, as of the third quarter of 2013 statistics, Chinese net is more than 500 million, that is 500 million of the market you have China in Shanghai dragon, but the blue ocean market.

why do we have to do Shanghai dragon? This question is very simple, if it must do you want to join the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. According to statistics, over the next 90% small and medium sized enterprises will start the e-commerce industry. You don’t do the Shanghai dragon you will give up the electronic commerce.

two, why do Shanghai dragon

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