2016 love Shanghai algorithm inventory and analysis of 2017 webmaster how to handle this

open the web site, personal information was leaked, then the mobile phone number received all kinds of marketing information…… In view of this phenomenon, the love of Shanghai launched Skynet algorithm, in the fight against "block malicious theft of personal information to buy the site, reduce the evaluation of such sites in the Shanghai search in love.

from Internet users, to enhance the user experience, user experience from advertising, bundled APP download content, soft porn dynamic map and explicit text information blow, love Shanghai algorithm constantly according to the site to more conducive to the user or.


2016 October, according to the station by 4.5 bucket algorithm dynamic map, text, explicit pornography gambling attracts eyeball induced click site hit, in order to reduce such sites in Shanghai’s position in search of love.

2016 September, and then upgrade the bucket bucket algorithm, algorithm 4 strategy for mobile search advertising too much impact on the user experience page hit.

2016 June, and inform the combat deception download bundled download cheat, July, ice bucket blow mobile page force users to download or transfer from the behavior of APP 3, August, Skynet algorithm against websites to steal user contact privacy behavior in September, mobile advertising page price bucket hinder users access the contents of the behavior of 4 in October, against a mobile page bad porn advertising gambling bucket 4.5, November, the blue sky algorithm to fight the charges behavior of the soft video directory.



officially launched in 2016, according to the bad selling directory sites such as soft, combat, mainly against the news source site selling soft, directory and other acts, in order to reduce or delay stage evaluation, permanent grab shielding for punishment.


, inventory 2016 love Shanghai algorithm. See the various algorithms when the site have appeared the question of what is the "2016 algorithm step in force, and how the webmaster of 2017.

The security of Above


ice bucket algorithm

launched in 2014, to combat forced pop APP download, a large area of advertising effects of normal user browsing experience page, love Shanghai this wave of ice water poured up one hundred thousand mobile station

in June 2016, in order to allow users to get a better search experience, with ice bucket algorithm has been upgraded to version 3 (2014 November 2, the ice bucket algorithm on-line) love Shanghai mobile search, in addition to combat forced pop APP download, a large area of advertising, hit full download, in a small area of the page layout of mobile phone advertising block main content, user login and other compulsory behavior, also began to crack down on more complete interrupt users search path transfer behavior.

Ice bucket algorithm

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