Borrow video event marketing tips SKYCC burst of red network marketing industry


first, is the content of the video. Although the video quality is not particularly clear, video production was not particularly fine, but this video is to win the content. Video content is a IT grass root webmaster history, nature is very easy to cause the IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friends. Especially the hardships and on the road of confusion, entrepreneurs and IT believe that every webmaster friends are more or less there will be to see the video, nature can arouse their emotional resonance, nature will pay attention to this video, and they focus on video at the same time also passively remember mention this product video protagonist port – the SKYCC combination marketing software.

second, ad insertion. This video is a grass root IT heart confession video lead naturally mentioned SKYCC combination marketing software in the dictation process, and only mentioned once in passing, even the pictures are not inserted, do not look carefully can not see it. As a good article, do I insert ads.

video address: 贵族宝贝v.youku贵族宝贝/v_show/id_XNDMwOTMyNTAw.html

is a 5 minute video, time is only 5 seconds between the mentioned products, even the pictures are not displayed, why should have made such a good marketing effect? The following is worth enterprise reference.

video content is roughly a IT grass root webmaster, day in and day out struggle, experience a variety of occupation status, efforts to change the life, but he unremittingly efforts can not change poverty. The video tells the story of a road, also expressed his confusion on the road. The video was released, it caused a strong reaction in the website, released just a week, a single Youku platform more than 310 thousand hits. At the same time, the video was also released in the SNS community, and eager to discuss webmaster forum and cause the majority of IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friend’s attention, become a major hot topic of forum. SKYCC combination marketing software it has been in the lead in the video the webmaster friends and IT entrepreneurs remember, an instant burst of red network marketing industry. According to the Shanghai love index shows a week video release, SKYCC attention rose 2118%.

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network marketing, event marketing has many classic cases, or large cost, or need to go through a long time. Like SKYCC combination marketing software by a small video in just one week bursts of industry is still relatively rare case. This video is the recent crazy pass network "confession", a IT grass root

in SKYCC the video marketing is very successful, although there are some small flaws, like video quality problems, but the video marketing is classic.

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