Don’t rush to clear the line on the website included site optimization is the priority among priorit


webmaster website in the hope is that the site is included in the fastest time, so many sites webmaster ignored the station optimization, after the website domain name to site space, hurried to the major search engines included submitted a request, I think this is wrong. Want to be included in the webmaster website immediately thought we can understand, but deviate from the rules of search engine optimization thought we must abandon, after the website domain name resolution, we have carried out a series of optimization of their chosen program, website content, below I talk about how to do the preparatory work before the site included.

A lot of things after the

2, do ALT image attributes, the hands of the webmaster website has pictures right, and optimize the proportion in the site in the picture is more and more important, when the search engine in capturing pictures is more want to grab this picture is what to do with the alt attribute, so we must do in the submission of pictures before describing the work included, will write out each picture, what is the content of these should be aware of the search engine.

program, many free programs are now more or less defective, dead link is one of the most serious defects, I have used a PHP program, the website for a long time are not included, I finally through the chain.

chain analysis website, we can query the function check whether the webmaster tools put a large number of the chain, we choose the program when they encountered a problem, many free programs are entrained played a lot of advertising and friends of the chain, and we as a webmaster affirmation do not want to let others own website for free advertising, also do not want to let the search engines crawl the site found there are a lot of the chain, so we must do this step. Through my experience, many links are hidden chain play a pick, which opened the website first played a page can not be found, but by Shanghai dragon tools and can be found, you have to face this kind of situation webmaster in the folder through the search function to find out the hidden links folder to delete, as far as possible to delete, so as not to influence the optimization of the site and included.

4, check the dead links with

1, optimize the title and keywords, title I think is best to use a separate good, if you can’t optimize, then you can look at the Admin5 website optimization method, is to use the vertical line separated method. But the website keywords I don’t think too much, the optimization of website 5 to 7 words is the most appropriate keywords, too much is not conducive to enhance the website ranking, and keywords less and not conducive to flow into the site, so the site keyword Best in 5 – 7. The key point is the site of the title, keywords, description of the key words, I think this should be an inclusive relationship, keyword contains title, description contains keywords, by this approach for the future development of the site is more favorable.

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