For some understanding of long tail keywords on Taobao customers

because of long tail keywords competition degree than the main keywords, naturally do long term webmaster is also very little, but now the website is more and more saturated era, through market segmentation can make their own in the slit >

is easy to maintain, ranking stable

most type is almost not what degree of competition, but also because of the long tail keywords flow is not high, so many owners have not paid enough attention to. In this era of scarcity of high traffic keywords, long tail keywords should belong to the individual owners preference. After all, because a person is doing the station itself, with the popular keyword competition is good, every website to do is special, so I suggest a high flow of popular keywords Taobao don’t pursue guest. Alone to compete popular keywords but very laborious, but also can not grasp the have no effect. For Taobao personal guest, the most ideal of nature is to choose the long tail keywords low degree of competition, after all, long tail keywords little competition and optimization work to do is relatively small. It is easy to get good rankings, but also the corresponding ranking steadily.

now Taobao is off can be described as competitive ratio of portal station also fierce ah, but most of the novice to do the first station is Taobao guest type website, the reason is not updated articles like, you can call directly to complete the automatic updates, promotion of all you need is on the line. But when we know some basic knowledge that Taobao customer is not so easy to do, because the competition is too intense. Some popular keywords you want to have no chance, because the first three pages are some short time insurmountable mountain. So, want to mix a name in Taobao, the nature will find another clever way. Today I talk about Taobao customers to be successful, it should pay more attention to the long tail keywords reason:


has strong pertinence, high conversion rate of


webmaster all know that search long tail keywords users are potential users particularly accurate, as some want to buy diet pills, diet pills and how much money is natural search, a certain brand of effective weight loss medicine where to buy long tail keywords such as. For the long tail keywords is the main keyword targeted than is especially strong, and search the words the user has this need in a sense. When the natural products on the site in accordance with the needs of users will increase the conversion rate. So, for Taobao customers, pay attention to the long tail keywords, is equivalent to increase the conversion rate of intangible. After all, the long tail keywords like one to one service users, as long as there is demand for the user, there is the natural desire to buy. Taobao, by setting off a high degree of long tail keywords related to the site, not only let the website ranking higher, corresponding to the website users but very accurate. Therefore, targeted, high conversion rate is Taobao guests pay attention to second reasons of long tail keywords.

!Long tail keywords

low degree of competition, optimize the difficulty of small

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