Experience brush P flow on the hazard ranking web site

have seen a lot of brush flow software on the Internet, as each brush is the real IP platform, search engine and Alexa can monitor, long-term use can improve website ranking. Here is one of my website, Taobao perfect gender (贵族宝贝taobao303贵族宝贝) brush flow a week to Alexa ranking.

as a grassroots webmaster, began to do when there is a lot of successful owners told me: do step by step, to have patience, to insist, don’t cheat, want to know whether Alexa, Google or love Shanghai, countless people smarter than us. Have read many books about search engine optimization, without exception mentioned Shanghai Longfeng purposes should be user centric, focusing on improving the user experience, improve the site function, can optimize to optimize, but not to search engine cheating.

October 14th, the second day brush flow, Alexa ranked 10002385;


found the website ranking drop after read many related articles on the Internet, many mentioned Alexa ranking of the delay that should be true for Ranking Ranking, two to three days before the relief, continue to brush

in October 12th, did not brush flow, Alexa ranking is about 9995600

with foreign counterparts, has been Chinese website too much attention to the speed of development, and do not care about the user experience and service value, which leads to many websites are hoping their flow increases, become the industry’s first, so once this very important website search engine traffic and Alexa early calculation method adjustment. The new Alexa ranking in addition to retain the authority of the Alexa flow and browsing data, the most important thing is to join the Internet user loyalty, trust, the number of pages a new index, the web is not necessarily the first, there are many sites.

site for a month, always love Shanghai only included the website home page, and Alexa website ranking has been hovering around ten million, searching for a few days, also tried a lot of ways, but there is no obvious effect, so he decided to rush into danger — brush flow.

began to tense;

Alexa ranking indexThe

October 13th, the first day of the brush flow, Alexa ranking is about 9995600

October 16th, Alexa dropped to about 10023000,

decisively uninstall flow!

October 17th, Alexa ranking to around 10032289; * * king

But the

October 15th, Alexa dropped to about 10011700,

; ! unchanged;

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