A push exchange Links detail skills

Don’t cheat and do For


1. to find high weight site exchange, preferably PR6

we all know, a web site in the search engine weight is very high, the authority is very high, if you can use a variety of methods in that they link to, will also be search engine identification. Links weight value is 0-10 and PR3, if can exchange the link above, then your weight will make up.

Links can enhance the site’s weight, rankings, quality Links can give the website keywords enterprises bring high ranking. Do Links, can be said to be very selfish. I remember a friend had a website and no other words, let others add other keywords for him, second days came to the home page. Can know about, Links role is subtle.

and cheating website, do not link with them, because they will involve you. The site is K, then you will be affected. For the query whether a site for cheating by K, can go to love Shanghai site about his website, home page snapshot is not the first, or 1 weeks is not updated, so you want to inquire about the analysis or. There is some love Shanghai, Google shield sites, and they must not do. Exchange Links please the webmaster must be careful, tips: in this paper, a push by members of the Deng Kanhao original, I mainly engaged in network promotion / Shanghai dragon, the author wants to see more.

can do high weight related industries (more than RP6) of the Links, for a station of ascension soon. There are a lot of friends to buy PR6, PR7 Links, not a month weight is increased, but continued to buy several links, the result is K. The authenticity of the purchase Links can query each other Links, you can query from the related website, the result is clear, the general query can use tools. Note that Deng Kanhao is now in terms of the exchange Links.


2. related industries Links is greater than all the

look for similar websites for Links are saying. For example, a website is engaged in clothing, food and beverage industry to do Links, search engine will think people to look for news, so as not to get good rankings, of course also included as related industry links to good. But the relevant industry Co., the high weight of the Links, nor a stick knocked out, different industries can also find Links. Another point is that a website don’t add too much Links, about 50 is enough. Other sites if more than 50 Links, then you can choose to give up, because the back of beyond Links, average stand PR is very little. You can imagine, a website is just like a box of apples, many people, points will be less.

3. website Links

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