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generally, a weight high website snapshot love Shanghai time is usually within 24 hours, which is the next snapshot, just like today is 10, then love Shanghai in 9 is a snapshot of the time. Exchange Links when I generally choose the snapshot site to exchange, general love Shanghai frequently updated website snapshot every day must be a love Shanghai love, of course, every 2-3 days do not have much relationship, we generally choose the snapshot within 3 days of the station as fast, too long. Certainly will not be exchanged, because every snapshot too far stations usually have may be punished love Shanghai website, and this exchange station Links would most likely troubler. Of course, specially to see love Shanghai snapshot it definitely cannot tell whether the other site for high quality.

love Shanghai

the second step: look at the other sites included the number

in the past, the PR value generally look at the other site we Adsense exchange Links when considering whether or not with the exchange, but with Google’s exit, love Shanghai more powerful in the domestic market and the situation, moreover, love Shanghai and Google’s algorithm is certainly a difference, so the PR value for the webmaster, has not so important. The exchange of Links when we see is the other site that we love Shanghai snapshot, in exchange Links when, how to see each other website snapshot Links and exchange.

in exchange Links when in addition to other websites like Shanghai snapshot, does not know the quality of the other site, then we need to see is the other site included the number, generally speaking, the number of Web sites included that the more the better, the number of included many also on behalf of the site in Shanghai love to love included, have good.

note: the PR value to us now, although it is not very important, but in exchange Links when the PR value is one of the objects of our reference, because of a relatively high PR value site in general in Shanghai will not lower the weight of love, because the PR value high old station sites are generally quite popular general site, the old station is affected by the search engine’s favorite, but this is not absolute, but it still has a certain reference value.

The first step of

in to the site to do the process of Shanghai dragon in the construction of Links is very important, because Links is to improve website weight, ranking the most direct method is the most effective, so the construction of Links is part of the website optimization must of course, is not the Links can make a website their weight and ranking has improved, because the quality of Links is high, ranking weight, high quality Links can enhance their own website, that we do Links when how to distinguish between the party Links is a high quality Links. The following is for everyone to judge how the quality of the other site about my personal Links when.

: see the website snapshot

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