Analysis of Shanghai dragon constant rule of love from the Shanghai incident in 520

1, the content of high quality

, 3 station time factorsThere are 3 stations,

like most webmaster, I also face the helpless, so I did not eat a meal, I started thinking about this thing, because although the majority of the website ranking dropped, but I stand 3 competitors, some do not have it! This is certainly not accidental, although often original competitor analysis station no, but how in-depth analysis, and today is a good analysis of competitor ranking stable, no matter how love Shanghai algorithm is to improve the user experience in the first place, individual stationmaster also ran this concept to the construction site, so that the same after analysis! Day afternoon, I finally came to the conclusion, to share with you.

from the station’s several industries, competitor analysis, most of them have the chain of more than 2W, and quite stable, basically no drastic fall of the chain, is generally in a steady flat state, there are thousands of the chain, but relatively stable, although this update was not large the fluctuation is not difficult to see that the construction of the chain is not only to high quality and stability also occupy a position, thus draw the conclusion: the chain should not change radically

algorithm update from today, in the love of Shanghai ranked better station, in addition to love Shanghai’s own products, the inside pages of many sites, but also to occupy the main position, thus, high quality, originality, strong correlation between the content of the website is the foundation of a stable place! This is why Shanghai Longfeng content is king in the first reason.

2, powerful, stable and high quality of the chain

today is May 20, 2011, Chinese for most of the grass-roots webmaster, this morning to open the computer, the first thing the webmaster I Needless to say, but see the website ranking, so I can not help but face consternation, I love Shanghai station from the original fourth, fell to 100, the first of my intuition told me. Is it my station was drop right? And then have another look at two stations, two stations also found out the rankings are also very much, and I made a judgment: This is not a coincidence, so in each big forum have altar, where are the same reflect the problem, this love Shanghai crazy! Probably conclusion is: This is the first time this year, the algorithm made a big adjustment love Shanghai, most enterprise stand ranking dropped, Shanghai’s own products there is love The inside pages website, forum held in Shanghai gold treasure love.

I have this update, have a great influence ranking, especially the official site, domain name registration time is short, less than 4 months, the last update, ranking is good, love Shanghai in search of the official site in 21, this update directly 100, relative to two stations in addition, the gap is large, the other two stations although ranking fluctuations, but is always the 50 name >


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