Zoupian Jian Feng survey of Shanghai wins love optimization

has just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, heard a thunder of the sentence "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Then follow the general mad content, follow the general crazy hair chain. Suddenly one day, the site was K. Oh, know. I love Shanghai is garbage article, said I was outside the chain of waste. When 08 years of nostalgia, do a forum. Not so many tools. Copy and paste, into an article of the article, finally, to enrich the content, and then exchange friends forum links, finally in a mad chain. Finally, the ranking is rather baffling.

if a rational search engines such as Google. You do this with Google’s mature technology, also can analyze it, will punish you. But, at least, is based on the principle is to do so. The face of love Shanghai so irrational search engine, even with the premise too much manual intervention under. You should be wearing a non rational eyes to look at him. You should see how love Shanghai, love Shanghai should face to the optimization of

, the original


here is my share point wise remark of an experienced person. Do so long in Shanghai dragon. The Internet is more and more attention to the content of the original, the elimination of waste. Then, the original really so important? Maybe my idea will make many people tucao. Original, love the sea really don’t care, do not look at the love Shanghai repeatedly requested you webmaster to do original. In fact, love is only in Shanghai in order to prevent spam. What is the original, how to judge the original love? Shanghai is currently in the end is how to define your original? A low weight station released a very classic article, attracted a lot of high weight station reprint, and high weight site without your link. Then love Shanghai will definitely determine the weight high website is this article starting. This is an open secret. Love is never to see Shanghai again see the original domain name. In a word: website weight is higher than all! Come on your site really original in Shanghai love eyes is not worth mentioning, he felt no value judgment! Love Shanghai your article is not original, not contrast text, but put in garbage pool filter, see you not as long as not spam, spam. All the website weight and then compare the similar articles, the user experience. Who, who is the original. So, there is a basic concept! Not because of your article is original and give high weight, but because the article attracted more and more people! So, your site more than the original, in fact you plan a powerful article. However, what kind of original content to attract love Shanghai for good and give high weight? So as to improve the ranking? A word: users vote on article! Only a large number of users love your article, your site. This shows that the content of your website is valuable, regardless of whether or not the original, is not plagiarism. Rest assured.

the love of Shanghai based optimization, I would say that two people pay more attention and care. 1, original. 2, the chain.

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