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has great contact website keywords and their website keyword density, location, and other factors keywords font. So how to grasp the keyword density? General keyword density in 2% – 8% more appropriate, many webmaster tools (the owners of the home, search etc.) have suggested. For example, the owners of the house, as follows:

and web page keyword can be appropriate to use bold, italic or on the web page H1 or H2.


keyword appears not too dense, concentrated in the text, so let the search engine that can effectively avoid the website using the keyword accumulation Bi is down right.


We know that

arrow above is less than 2% "density is less than or equal to 8%". Secondly, we will look at the key position, as shown above, the station in title, keywords and description are "Hunan Shanghai dragon" this keyword, like this we call "target keyword", is also the site of the main keyword. Target keywords are generally in the title, keywords, description and the text will appear, and in the search engine search volume has relatively stable, website content is mainly focus on the description of the target keyword expansion. The next Xiaobian explain the density and location problem under the keyword in the text.

fourth, sometimes you can put some key words to the chain of authority website, search engine that can make the content of the page has the authority and accuracy, but also make the search engine more understand page keywords and content.


first the number of keywords in the text suggest that in less than 3, and the contents of the article are due to the secondary key expansion.

, a website keyword density should be controlled in 2% – 8%;

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. Today Hunan Shanghai dragon Xiaobian introduce the content of the website, how to write articles to be more conducive to search engine optimization? Many webmaster only a mechanical collection of articles; some collected by pseudo original posted on its Web site, the article did not lead to what readability, included, rankings, weight for a long time the site did not go up. Everyone knows the website content not only to the user, is to look to the search engines. Then the content of the website article class how to search engine to see? Xiaobian this station in Hunan as an example to push to talk about his own views.

in this small series again remind you webmaster, the content of the website is not only to the user, the same is to look to the search engines, if single to the user experience, such as the use of a large number of pictures, Flash, the website keyword is not clear, to meet the user but ignore the search engine, so the site’s ranking, the weight is difficult to go up. According to Xiao Bian mentioned above, summed up the following seven points:

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