The push down method of Shanghai dragon from the user experience point of view

is not a user a love often disconnected or open not website, server stability is very important, ordinary users is to simulate the behavior of the spider, often can not enter, search engine users on websites such as heart complaints, the natural ranking is not high.

3, URL

2, Title

5, the reasonable distribution of

4, the content of the


a very long URL is not conducive to the user’s reading, although many URL users to be able to tell some information, but does not appear to have a sense of hierarchy, a reasonable URL allows users to know their own level, after those where.

love Shanghai, or other search engines, they have one thing in common, that is, said bluntly, is to profit for the purpose of the enterprise legal person, the need to earn money is no ground for blame, after all, the first company to feed so many people, from this point speaking, the search engine company must make products, to guarantee market coverage, just search results to meet the needs of users, so that the search engine will be the user’s identity and enhance the user experience, so the search engine ranking is a ranking method based on user experience, perhaps now some search results are unsatisfactory, but certainly the development direction unchanged, to guarantee the satisfaction of the users, this is our core Shanghai dragon where any hand May can kidnap search engine results, but in the long term, this is obviously not realistic. Since the search engine needs the user experience, so we push down through this, how can we ensure that the user experience of the website

title is a web page topic, users of this specific expression of what he told title, as the title of an article, written words, and smooth nature, not to the density of pile, because it will allow users to quickly, search engine will not cool.

why the original, there are a lot of people said search engines love the original so original, but from the perspective of users can also see some features, users get a book, this book is the first page of this content, turn to page 100 or the same content, users will be very tired, and the Internet is a book, a user wants to see different content, different views and ideas, not love the same content, because too similar to the user will be tired, if in a search result is all the same, that is a terrible thing.

The reasonable distribution of

1, server

The standard ?The stability of


sites can also affect the user experience, the key part is certainly the main body, the other is secondary, primary key on a significant position, let people understand that this is mainly about what, what is not the primary and secondary > center?

Whether Google or

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