The website chain and space of Shanghai dragon impact optimization

we combine these two kinds of situations to look at the site outside the chain is both complete and stay in space. The website chain has a perfect "/" before they leave a space, so the site outside the chain is the real meaning of the chain, has a good effect on the overall optimization of the site, so the site outside the chain can make the search engine directly grab, the chain on the site of the a stable, for the optimization of the site, so the site outside the chain can promote the site’s ranking improved, traffic has been improved rapidly.

site outside the chain "/" and the space station is rarely considered, whether the URL for users with "/" on their impact is not large, but for ordinary webmaster, they often ignore the site outside the chain "/" and stay in space, some of the effects of the chain network station in fact a case with and without. / / there are great differences, and address space and also before and after the weight transfer relationship.

let’s take a look at the first case, the website chain in the site contains "/". On the integrity of the chain, the website chain in 贵族宝贝***/ format to display a full page format, the search engine crawling is more favorable. On the transfer speed of the chain to see you, faster than 贵族宝贝** format for the 贵族宝贝***/ site outside the chain, the search engine crawling and crawling faster. The weight of the chain, form complete site outside the chain is not complete site outside the chain with weight better, because the search engine when entering another website from a website which is completely love web site, rather than half a melon, such two sites in virtually again get the weight lifting.

is often the most easily overlooked details is most likely to succeed, so the Internet webmaster know that there is a good power to establish a stable quality of the site outside the chain of development of the site, but they tend to do, today the author from two small details of the integrity of the building site outside the chain and space analysis, set up the chain and for the webmaster >

Let us look at

second, before and after the site outside the chain space. General site is 贵族宝贝***/ in the outer chain process, there are some special site outside the chain address is: +贵族宝贝***/+ space space, the same chain is why is there such a big gap? In fact, this is the chain space +贵族宝贝***/+ space form is better than the chain in the form of 贵族宝贝***/, a site outside the chain stay there are spaces to meet the process of search engine from the text crawl to the letter crawl, let search engines have a response time, better able to grasp. In the site of the chain in the site before and after the left can attract the attention of users, many users see the article is often neglected in the web site, the URL of the web site before and after the blank can be raised, generate power for the development of the site.

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