With the promotion of forum signature chain flow by coincidence

1. the signature for the chain

anchor text is preferred. Some limited forum signature words, if so, you can choose to use URL, or go to the WWW domain, this setting is the chain of effective. Set the text + URL in the signature style, this setting is reasonable, prominent keywords and web site, mainly to see the spider. A signature note, many local forum signature of a particular aversion to advertising, in these forums can write your signature some popular text, such as "Welcome my personal blog: www XXX com". This signature is acceptable. I saw a lot of Taobao customer’s signature, advertising writing is very direct, "to buy XX…." Before long, the account was closed, the chain do nothing, and this signature even if there are also can not bring what direct flow.

simple query several websites, or your competitors website, will find, the chain has a large chain from bbs. Many of my friends think the weight of the forum outside the chain or low weight signature of the chain, of course we do not rule out some of the garbage in the forum in the construction of the chain just get along for the ride. Forum outside the chain must be selected, using Yahoo tools to view others website, select the gov forum and the local forum on behalf of the chain construction. Such as 19lou in Hangzhou, Sichuan spicy community etc.. The signature of the chain are very high quality of the forum. In addition, some forum set up a nofollow label, at the time of registration, using Firefox nofollow tool to view the screen.

Forum promotion is very important in the Forum promotion, the most important of course is the content of the post, there are friends that the forum is to promote the hair soft, actually this kind of view is one-sided. Many forum limits the chain, the more obvious the advertorial, moderators and users also have the ability of identification. And a good forum, mostly very much so soft contact. Today I share with you is to use the second elements of the forum, our forum signature. Through their own experience, just use the BBS signature, can be a huge chain and flow to the site, there is a certain brand value.

The weight of the signature of the chain

advertising sign


is a sign of the

2. =

signature has a space for one person in the forum, if you return rate is high enough, the advertising effect your signature is irreplaceable. In foreign forums, foreigners will use reasonable signature to increase their brand position, even if some of the nofollow forum, will also set up a lot of links to their own. The purpose is to pass every replies to advertise themselves. In the industry forum, the signature is a very important resource.

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