The website release time is very important to love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon

love Shanghai crawls the web to determine the quality of the page, the page will be affected by the release time.

We look at the following example: Of course,

this domain name is registered in 2012 September. In the published articles, articles published directly fill this news out of time, love Shanghai included in this page, the reference page with the release time, given the same time snapshot. But in fact, in March 26, 2012, the domain name is not registered.


this is the article I yesterday, is released in January 10, 2013. When I fill in the release time is December 25, 2012. Love Shanghai included, the same time the snapshot made me fill in the release time, rather than real time.

because sometimes facing Shanghai will not replace the domain name, and love because of a website to replace the domain name, in reincluding, said that all pages are the latest update.


it can be seen that the web crawler in Shanghai love to climb, because not once climb up to each page on the site, sometimes because the website user experience is not good, so that even the page links, not to climb the crawler. Therefore, love in Shanghai climbed to a page, and don’t think this article is just released, but to judge this article published their own algorithms according to love Shanghai.

is not absolute, because the factors determine the page quality of love Shanghai very much, so this factor just reduce the probability of entering the Shahe new station.

love Shanghai climb to the almost all the time is not the same, love Shanghai will think this site is just a new domain name, but the old data, so we will not use a large number of articles updated one-time mistaken for the acquisition.

so, for new sites, if a need to update many articles, but also afraid of falling in love with sea mistaken for acquisition, so in each article, it must be added on the release date, so as to "help" love Shanghai to "understand" the release time.


of course, in most cases, love Shanghai was included in the time to climb. But for a time this is not incorrect to ignore, because the acquisition of the new station, if the user experience is good, love in Shanghai may be considered to be an old station to replace the domain.

so in order to avoid the unfair judgment, Shanghai will put the love within the page the release date as one criterion to judge the page release time, thereby generating the snapshot time corresponding.

is a new station, we’ll look at an old station as an example:

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