The domain name and website optimization Shanghai Longfeng everywhere have to say something

The birth time of

four, domain name

is now an old domain name is more expensive, the domain name registered early, ranking is more favorable. Many webmaster love to buy the old domain to do site optimization. Do most of the old domain keywords have a great advantage, small series suggest that you learn a domain name.


Renew cycle



to purchase the domain name according to the key words about here, mainly applies to most of the English site. This is a search engine ranking is an important factor in the form of domain name itself contains keywords >

five, for the first time included time

three, the domain name suffix

, a preferred brand

really good domain name does not contain the keywords in the domain name, like "love Shanghai" of the word, its relationship with the search engine not literally, is the first big search engine domain. In a sense, the brand name and product name the far better, most Internet Co brand is the brand name of hard, once identified, will then determine the domain name. Really want to do a large site, domain name would not contain the keywords.

two, domain name

domain name is one of the most important assets of most of our webmaster. Basically the website content, flow and domain relations. Choose a good domain name has no small impact for Adsense website optimization and website promotion operation. Today we talk about the domain name and Shanghai dragon have to say something

six, the domain name contains keywords

domain name was first included in the search engine is also very important. Some old domain name parsing, search engine is not included in any content, and this old domain already included a lot of difference. Although not sure what time the search engine and website domain name, historical content but you can use the Internet Archive website, the time may not be very accurate, but there is very important reference.

domain renewal cycle can affect the site’s ranking, cycle logically a webmaster to renew the site longer, so that he is more attention to the website, it is not possible to like this domain to do some of the garbage sites. So the domain name longer, so the higher the quality of the site.

"rarity" this saying is also applicable when the purchase of the domain name, the domain names are registered many can easily, but there is a natural part of the domain name will have high weight. Like the two.Edu/.gov domain name suffixes, only to meet the conditions of registration can only be registered, the search engine will give a ranking advantage, after all these sites are rarely used as a rubbish site. In Shanghai dragon industry, most people think that the two website is the best of the chain, because these sites are usually of very high quality.

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