Site optimization should be what time from the beginning of the most appropriate

1, website planning. Site planning as a big project, the appearance of the website after the user experience, the purchase way plays a significant impact. Here, we do not discuss. But the web page need to consider the planning several aspects: the structure of the website; website navigation column; website layout; website design; site planning; dynamic update Forum; user consultation forum; purchase method and procedure etc.. According to the different types of websites are different.

third, the construction site. In this part, the optimization of the site will encounter the most, one of the most densely populated part of Shanghai Longfeng site. For the website suggestions can be divided into several points to understand.

first, the goal of the website. To do a website home page, we want to know what is the purpose of this web site for this website? What is the use? The purpose of the website is the trunk of a tree. Other website production, website planning, web site operators to profit is around the tree to the. We use a mouse sales site as an example to explain the specific. To be a mouse sales website, our purpose is sure the mouse (clear purpose, sales to the consumer groups and market analysis, in order to help us to post promotion). This part basically does not relate to the website optimization.

website optimization should be throughout. Many people may think that the website optimization is the site built after setting a keyword, you can send the promotion link. In fact, this is only a narrow understanding of the site optimization with a few work content. The real website optimization should also include site planning, operation, maintenance, and profit to hand. We first take a look at a website optimization work is carried out in what part of the.

2, prepared and META part of the preparation of Web site keywords. The keyword of the website, decided after the website can bring the number of visits, therefore, in the choice of site keywords, keywords can not blindly choose their own website, especially the target keyword selection, target keywords can bring traffic most of the entire site, but the conversion rate is not high, such as the above, main products are wireless mouse. So my words are: Logitech wireless mouse, wireless mouse, RAPOO wireless mouse. Instead of the mouse. The mouse finger >

second, the domain name requires a combination of website optimization. Why? The domain name as a site outside of a name. Sign of domain name in the site after the establishment of a website is. Therefore, the domain name plays a role can not be ignored on the website. How to choose the domain name? As mentioned above, we do is a mouse in sales for the purpose of electronic commerce website. Therefore, in the choice of domain name, should also be related to mouse or shubiao. So when people see the name, you know this website is what. The correlation is relatively high. The choice of the domain name, making the page in may also have a certain correlation.

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