Six points of enterprise website optimization

2, the title and description should comply with the user experience. We want to appropriate target keywords when determining the site title, will appear in the description of the keywords. The title and description of the website is on the site as a whole, the weight of search engine in this part of the content is very high.

5, 404 pages, check the website robots.txt files, static links, tree structure, URL standardization, which all do not have blind spots. Strictly check the web page links, web pages appear the most taboo death phenomenon.

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as a corporate website, mostly for brand promotion or do keywords ranking directly to attract users, and the website to achieve this aim must be optimized. In order to better enhance the keywords ranking, here are the summary of enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon six points:

website optimization is a continuous learning process, continue to accumulate experience, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, is the real effective ways and means to achieve the best effect of website promotion, more research on the learning and optimization of Shanghai Dragon technology, will be faster out of your own website promotion.

6, content is king, the chain for the emperor. Enrich website content, steady increase website external links.

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layout, reasonable and effective long tail keywords 4. According to the goals of the web site keywords, the user needs, and the competition degree of long tail keywords and small, the layout of the page. The long tail word search volume is small, but the flow rate and the turnover rate is very considerable, the need to slowly to find.

3, the website structure should be conducive to spider crawling. Site navigation structure is clear, the directory hierarchy. Use the DIV CSS layout website, less flash and JS code table, frame structure.

1, to determine the site target keywords: according to the product classification of enterprise website and content, choose effective keywords, then these keywords are analyzed, mainly depends on the degree of competition in size, ranking website data before analysis, and love Shanghai to promote the quantity of information, to determine the most effective target site keywords. The new proposal is not more than 5 words.

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