Sharing site keywords ranking unstable case

site ranked at top all in one hundred cases occurred in the morning, a few days ago there is a warning: a few days ago at his station in the fall once. With a snapshot of the day of the phenomenon, on that day the day began to snapshot ranked at top sites all morning. Every morning at domain site in the rankings, first, but in the afternoon a snapshot of the day is, domain site is not the first or even the first few pages, keyword off speed with the tool can see, within a few minutes of words all fall over! Show love Shanghai snapshot, enter the website will appear sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the site! But his news is still every day included, this is gratifying, the total amount collected is worse than the previous decline.

looked at his station found that several news in the news appeared: ah right keyword links to the home station, because he wanted to do keyword more, so the words he links to the home page, a right that this is not desirable. However, this factor.

is a right that a station to tell him what to do is love Shanghai, just focused, do not need to write too many keywords in the page three, especially repeat to write. Unless, you have enough energy and personnel to manage the site. Sometimes I write too much but will make the search engine more confused

station his first three pages (title, keywords, description) write more, in the eyes of a right, a keyword stuffing of the suspects, but not very much, the right to feel a lot, the station keywords appear in the page three in and repeat, is not a good phenomenon.

!In his

and his colleagues that his stand this situation is his love Shanghai station home news properties, so love Shanghai snapshot day, soon to go full out position. If only this interpretation of this is feasible, it is domain. There is a problem, Shanghai snapshot query tool lovelessness, direct love Shanghai site shows: I’m sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access! So, a right that is not love his Shanghai station home news properties.

a right is a mining machinery website optimization, before the Arab power station encountered such a phenomenon: the first day of each big love Shanghai updated my station keywords are ranked in the love Shanghai, love Shanghai second days after the big update, my station keywords will fall to one hundred love, four consecutive updates are the same situation in Shanghai. I stand this situation is also accompanied by a phenomenon: love Shanghai included decreased, the website still kept the news every day included. Only love Shanghai updated four times after my station ranking was restored to normal! Today a right webmaster together and we see there is no rankings ranked at station keywords my colleague in the morning.

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