Summarize and share novice how to write high quality original articles

is now the face of love emerge in an endless stream Shanghai algorithm, more friends from the original pursuit of the high quality chain, gradually turned to the quality of readable content, how to create more original article, and many readers can produce more resonance, is now many webmaster friends in the cudgel thinking. Especially for this industry have just entered Shanghai Dragon Gate novice friends, what is the original, the original, how to grasp what skills has become whether we can really master the art of the Shanghai dragon three important aspects.

is our understanding of the original, just stay in the content and core content are unique, the Internet does not exist. In fact, this is one-sided understanding of the original. Shanghai love lies in the scarcity and timeliness for the original assessment. Scarcity is nothing more than the current search engine market has little or no longer exists, then love Shanghai itself will take out the special time to assess these contents; second is the timeliness of an article the most important significance is that it can give many readers bring the true meaning of existence, that is reading sense. The content of the website in a variety of ways, but if an article can stimulate you more deep understanding and self search, no doubt that the original article is a good foundation of success. To achieve these two points, so that the original level have more understanding.

two, the original two core skills:

love Shanghai so enjoy the original, novice in the daily understand and master the basic optimization method, is also spent time on how to improve the original article? Love with Shanghai’s official platform for the introduction of the original spark program, has been sufficient to explain today’s love for Shanghai vigorously support the original aspect, we should try to find more practical value in the original high, readable, significant aspects of conversion. Not every day in pursuit of a large number of foreign chains have. For the original, in fact we have the core and emphasis, then build up the original, is very simple. Specifically:

: a key to bring to the authenticity, to address their needs as the core to the customer. Simply speaking, is an article of your plan, for the core keywords, long tail word or is the subject of this article, should be well reflected. Can use the shortest length, solve the needs of users, the aspects of these doubts, then I think this article is also very important for the love of Shanghai time. Can reflect the outstanding value in many aspects.

, a love for the original


core two: good title is half of success; for the novice to learn good original articles, good ability and the scarcity of recombinant phrase words are analysed, and more importantly, for the current Internet has been the existence of a large number of articles, if you can do these aspects you may not start. You can change a way.

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