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1, what is asymmetric

if you have such a website, that is to solve consumer information asymmetry, that is what you make money, focus on solving the problem of asymmetric information between consumption. For example, the Taobao website, the global commodity information all over the country released in the mainland, let people know Korea commodity prices, and the price of a contrast, know which is the cheapest, reducing the information asymmetry. This is probably the reason Taobao is so popular, but also Taobao shopping mall www.ecbbs.cn popular reasons, so that the vast number of online shopping friends at a glance can distinguish what is truly credible businesses.

speaking in front of the same movie tickets, some people can only buy the full price of 100 yuan, but some 30 yuan can buy 10 yuan to buy even?? the root cause is propose information asymmetry, but what causes the information asymmetry? Rough analysis for the following reasons: one is because the consumer’s own ignorance. The news caused by occlusion or, on the other hand is deliberately not told to come to the consumer businesses.

asymmetric information, in short, is that you know the useful information, others do not know, or others know useful information, you do not know, this is asymmetric information. Due to many factors, complete information symmetry is impossible.

2, why does asymmetric information produce wealth



why does information asymmetry generate wealth? For example, in a big city, a movie is less than 70-100, and more is 120 yuan, which is seldom seen by ordinary people. When you are buying tickets for the cinema, if the direct purchase of general cash 100 yuan, full payment, but if you use credit card or cinema cooperative bank consumer credit card, the general price of 50 yuan, if you participate in group purchase online or through 12580, general can buy this ticket to 30 yuan, or even there is information resources Friends movie tickets can be purchased through a network of 10 yuan. Why the same movie tickets, some 10 yuan can buy, there will be 30 yuan, 50 yuan, or 100 yuan to buy? This is the information asymmetry generated wealth, can not underestimate this wealth Oh, Many a little make a mickle. By drawing inferences from other sources, you can think about the wealth of information asymmetry in other industries. This is the webmaster’s friend, the use of network resources, you can generate wealth.

there are many similar web sites is to eliminate information asymmetry and the growth, such as a lot of classified information website is very useful for the visitor’s message, to help them reduce the asymmetry of information, while the two sides benefit. On this point, I believe many senior webmaster have said, welcome!

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webmaster how to make use of information asymmetry to make money, which is also a lot of the site’s profit model.

3, why asymmetric information,

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