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general manager of Zhong An Insurance Health Insurance Department Liu Haijiao told the 36 krypton, solve the payment problems fundamentally, is to a large extent, promote the establishment of family doctor policy and grading treatment system. "Medicine, medicine and insurance industry chain was opened up, in the future, we will provide health insurance for new medical platform users, business insurance, direct compensation and health management services."."

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, and micro medicine will jointly zhong an iterative update, launched a personal version of the product.

in this insurance scheme, based on the family insured units, each of the highest amount of 5000 yuan; in the part of the claim, the product does not limit the reimbursement line, the insured can enjoy the time commercial insurance direct pay service in the micro medicine hospital payment fee and Internet drug. That is, the user pays 40%, and the remaining 60% is paid directly by the business account.

low threshold health insurance

according to Zhong An insurance health insurance Beijing division is responsible for Wang Weiyi, because in the grafted internet medical platform, whether it is pricing or cost control process, can be more data, low cost. Take the sum insured for 5000 yuan, for example

patients with mild diseases don’t go to the hospital, they open their cell phone APP and consult their family doctor. Family doctors respond quickly to the right medicine. And the medicine can be paid directly by the health insurance company and delivered to the express home." This is the hope to Zhong An insurance to the insured medical experience.

In order to solve the medical treatment in the

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days ago, Zhong An insurance announced and micro medical cooperation of the first online outpatient insurance products — family guardian landing. This product can be regarded as the first compensation insurance for outpatient service in Internet hospitals. That is to say, the user, can have the exclusive family doctor in the micro medical platform, in the outpatient fee and drug consuming only pays 40%, the remaining 60% by commercial insurance accounts settlement. This is also the Xiaoshan health insurance issued "enjoy e" products, the national health insurance and a series of products. 365 yuan / person / year price is more close to the people, also hope to Xiaoshan such low-end, affordable insurance, gradually make up, seamless "enjoy e" and other high-end insurance deductible part.

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The next step for

from the current situation, the online outpatient medical insurance payment has not yet been widely open. On the one hand, online comprehensive docking based health care clinic needed a longer time; on the other hand, the Internet relates to the hospital treatment costs across the city and the provinces, the social insurance level is not uniform, there is a big difference between different provinces and reimbursement policies and standards. Also based on this, Xiaoshan will think of the design of outpatient insurance products.

queue for several hours, a few minutes "" illness ", since 2011, the Internet, online inquiry platform after the hospital medical treatment in order to improve the efficiency of emission. But payment has always been a threshold. Different social security systems throughout the country, the opening of different regional policies, so that business insurance has become the most imaginative medical cooperation in the field of internet.

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