ntroduce several major domestic search engine survival status

is above several basic situation at home is the four largest search engine known, it is noteworthy that the search and the emergence of new 360 comprehensive search, then simply said the two search engines, more detailed and you can check.

when Google The climate does not suit one..Google search

love Shanghai in domestic leader position

for the current domestic mainstream search engine is so few: love Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, Youdao, will be asked, users should rarely this blog do not explained. Also worth mentioning is the search and the emergence of 360 comprehensive search, but the current situation is not the search engine and love Shanghai as to the market share of seventy or eighty per cent of the way ahead, so also appeared mainly for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization situation, now a female network www.tingnv贵族宝贝 a brief introduction:

love Shanghai is the leader position in recent years is recognized, and its propaganda slogan also do very loud, coupled with the current domestic accounts for the proportion of the user, early in the people’s daily encounter do not know what is love a pet phrase in Shanghai. At present, domestic users can not deny is the first choice of search engine is the love of Shanghai, it became a plot China netizens, this had to admire the love of Shanghai.

search potential shares in fourth

search is a search for independent Tencent and later the bright younger generation, should put a lot of manpower and material resources, to force the search engine in this field, I remember an article written before: "force Tencent to search engine business or potential forced love Shanghai", from this point of view, the Tencent is to put the bigger piece of cake. Also, compared with the strength, but do not know what reasons do not always suffer from ideal, but also rely on the accumulation of QQ users to maintain, suck ah.

status in the world no one can shake, the absolute supremacy no one can shake, but these years in China market performance and the boss of the world is extremely inconsistent, it is the so-called it needs no The climate does not suit one., seize the China users. Don’t know is because other powerful or because of other reasons eventually led to the Google out Chinese mainland market, since the representation of Hongkong is more poor. The truth is really a pity for Google, its search technology definitely didn’t have to say.

Sogou tepid third

and Sogou and Google is his love of Shanghai is not completely rely on the search started, but on the strength of Sohu, and Ali cooperation or, or later in their own development or by the Sohu after the accumulated users start slowly to the overall development is still good. The expected to better development.

Different parts of the

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