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online money, this does not matter advanced, not advanced, very rough, without any technical content of the project can also make a lot of money. We are here with the simple Wangzhuan is to distinguish, labor or labor, the labor price per unit time difference, of course, boundaries are not very clear, here we have a preliminary understanding.


, let me take a specific step:

buy links, sell links, earn intermediate prices, many of these platforms abroad, such as backlinks, but there is no such professional platform in china. Most link brokers still stay in the stage of labor, of course, want to build the next backlinks in a short time, in addition to burn money, or burn money. Site acquisition, do this line of people is quite much, I also often do this thing. In fact, a lot of friends do the site is very good, but don’t know how to profit. I bought it, that is, it will be processed and transformed into a profitable site.

5, stir fry stocks, fry foreign exchange and stir fry gold

fourth step: data has been imported, immediately submitted to the search engine, only submitted to sh419 and shlf1314 on the line, mainly by the two of them to make money. After waiting for search engines included.

third steps: data collection, pseudo original treatment, because he is the programmer was born, this difficult to me, I wrote the keyword automatic monitoring and collection of pseudo original processing tools, I let the program to update, it saved me a lot of time.

2, link broker, site acquisition,

3, resource integration,

Also a lot of mixed

, a variety of ways to make money online, the lower level to make money online project, unit time labor value generated by pumping almost. How to make your own Wangzhuan "advanced", then the first thing you need to think about is how to jump the profit sharing, or charging yourself into a senior Wangzhuan project.

fried rice

made one for the station, of course, one should be comfortable and can stop. Take time to do the chain, the weight of the site or to constantly improve, one can improve included, two can improve the weight of the site, so that more can sell good price.


category of this kind of a little wide, in fact, second also belong to this category, Ali mother, Taobao, information station, investigation station belong to this category. Integrated resources may be people, things, things, services, or virtual ones. So long as can form the cohesive force, the influence, also is not afraid does not have the money to make.

4, eat by network technology,

demand, there will be the market. So, from the beginning of the link trading market gradually hot up, specializing in the sale of links are a lot of people, some of the strength of the team began operation, links to the sale of personnel income are not cheap, the team operating income every month in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or more. Especially after the two sh419 K Taobao station baptism, I have to do Taobao customers gradually lost confidence. Why don’t I change my mind? After analysis, I find that the price of connection is generally 5 yuan more than 500 pages listed by sh419, 10 yuan 1000+ or more, and what I want to emphasize is these two kinds of links. We build the N theme station and wait for the number to go up to the standard to sell the link.

The sale of

vision, foresight, industry sense of smell, economic strength are indispensable, low accumulation potential, enterprise domain name, and other enterprises have a certain reputation, sell at a high price. 02 years before, now basically is worth 8 digits.

, the high level of labor, belongs to the senior wage earners, equivalent to the real life of technical personnel, they just apply technology to the internet.

reprinted please indicate from the gold rush station: goldzhan/, p=9917

though, I’ve never thought that these three are very pure online money making items, and there are too many attached items. But we can not deny that this can be done online, and some people use him to make a lot of money. In the online operation, and earn a lot of money, just as the senior Wangzhuan project.

second step: positioning the theme of the site, this is very important, everyone knows, do friends chain, if the subject content related, the weight of the site will be raised greatly. I know that Taobao customers have a special liking for slimming products, clothing, cosmetics and beauty products. I used workpress blog, build programs and other groups to build 20 of these themes of the site of course, at the beginning is very tired, adhere to, workpress itself optimization is good, very sh419 like.

links can easily earning thousands of years ago, since Taobao started off red, more and more owners began to join the queue. I believe a lot of people know, do Taobao guest promotion webmaster mostly is to find the key word do, and then constantly improve the site weight and keywords ranking, optimization on the home page. And this process is very important, that is, continue to do the chain, and constantly exchange links, enhance the PR value of the site. But since the Taobao railway station experienced sh419’s two K station baptism, it has been difficult to exchange links with others, who wants to offend K upper body ah?. What to do? Of course, we can buy links.

The fifth step:

first step: to buy a 20 A5 domain name, at least have more than half a year, no matter what the suffix com best of course. In this way, avoid the new station into the sand box embarrassing.

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