The six elements of web page optimization

six: at the bottom of the


three: Web site keywords layout

site structure should be in the form of distribution of the tree, because the tree structure can let users better, I optimize website structure, is deliberately into the left navigation area, then the right content area, but later I found that this is not beautiful, but also occupy a lot of places, so I put the navigation area on the top, and then left into the update region, while the right side or the original content area, thus saving a lot of places, and let more articles displayed on the home page, the maximum increase of the exposure.

website layout is very important, keyword density control can be in general between 7%-15% home, too easy to be search engine punishment, while too little is not easy to get good rankings, I personally by adding custom sentences to control home page keyword density, it is to add a description of the site area for the home page, and then use the statement keywords woven together, to achieve a control effect of keyword density.


two: update site optimization

Optimization of website optimization

website address is found, according to my past experience, the overall weight of URL absolute address can enhance the website name, the website generally have this absolute URL address and URL address relative function switching, I suggest you try to select the URL absolute address.

four: URL standardization

to add a Links area for the home page, usually reserved area to 25 positions, too much will dilute the home due to the weight, but also increased the probability of search engine punishment, because Links punishment are related, so when the exchange Links must seriously examine each other the web site.


five: friendship connection site

websiteTry to use the URL URL

at the bottom of the site area optimization is added to the main bread crumbs navigation bar, put some difficulty slightly larger keywords in bread crumbs navigation bar, the purpose is to let these words to get the number of station anchor text link more, but it must be noted that.

website is the most important Shanghai dragon, because the weight of a web page is the highest among all the pages, so the optimization of the website keywords are popular word difficulty relatively large, so how to optimize the website home page, should be in order to optimize.

update the contents of the left is a very big role, first on the left is called the plate, plate, hot plate random article article, the purpose of doing so is to let the home page content is in the state of change at any time, let the spider every time visitors can capture different data, it can increase the number of visiting spider.

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