Truth and love thinking of Shanghai foreign chain counter attack event

chains are as follows problem cheating

station in May are the most talked topic should still love Shanghai on the web site of the chain of the counter attack event, behind this event reflects the love of Shanghai foreign chain the Gates locked, on a love of Shanghai to develop the chain shackles. Let us look at the love of Shanghai called the chain chains model:

users and other websites really recommend, but each do a website optimization webmaster all know, really the chain 100% this is not possible, if there is a need for network marketing, also need what Shanghai Longfeng, as long as a qualified website designer is enough.


read love Shanghai 4 model webmaster have a feeling that the construction of the chain before oneself do every day is actually the problem of the chain, the chain of garbage, cheat the chain. This link involves construction, friends of the chain, the forum outside the chain link in the chain, buy and so on, see here is not terrible, Shanghai love the chain webmaster almost caught. Let’s see what love Shanghai intent gives webmasters what standard answer:

practice is a breast site, the chain should be at least from.

second: correlation chain. I think this should be consistent with the so-called love Shanghai really recommend,


love Shanghai only a judgment principle chain is the chain of the problem: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

4, some outside the chain of cheating on the detailed description of

of the chain against the reason of spam links too much, just like the Shanghai hit 2012 love low quality and blow acquisition of truth, but the quality of love the sea is really clean web content. Now the result is still not changed much and before the strike. With the last blow content of different things this love Shanghai fight outside the chain to seize the vast majority of owners of the 7 inch, love Shanghai filtering the weight of the chain is a website that filtered external voting, outside the chain of love Shanghai more filtering is blocked directly outside the chain site traffic. What owners take the chain for the emperor to the past? It is now most of the webmaster should think about.

3, Shanghai believes that several love belongs to the typical cheating list


a love you fall in love with Shanghai’s bid, you will certainly have a flow of the sea, but the flow of money, accuracy also depends on the individual keywords and the bidding strategy.


, a judge – the true principles of the chain is the chain of the recommended

or two roads:


1, the judgment principle of real chain is the chain of the recommended

chain model of

2, two kinds of problems of the chain chain and distinguish garbage outside the chain of

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