Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming six steps to determine the core keywords

fully understand your competitors, you determine the core keywords but also be of great advantage. Through the webmaster tools website tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 we can query the competition website information: meta (title), key words, description (keywords) (Description). Contains keywords are general site description, title, and URL, the website also contains text keywords, anchor text also contains key words. The tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 website also gives reference data and the reverse link, you can learn from the use of anti chain website keywords. Through the analysis of the web site keywords usage, you can make sure the core keywords are more favorable with their own website.

, benefit by mutual discussion

, brainstorming

the first step is to determine the core keywords through brainstorming lists all the themes and their web related, hot search words as alternative core keywords.

theme for their site as long as you clear enough, you can through the "brainstorming" to find a more appropriate word as alternative core keywords.


Shanghai Longfeng work is to choose the right keywords. In general, a website will have a lot of target keywords, the keywords to reasonable distribution in the home page and all pages. The distribution of target keywords on the home page is all the most important keywords, we call the core keywords. The core keyword is our priority among priorities of the optimization, the number of them will not be too much, usually only two or three, which is the most difficult, the highest keyword search times. To determine the core keywords we should be cautious, usually we will be carried out according to the following six steps.

your site can solve the problem? When users encounter these problems will search what keywords? If you meet these problems, you can search through the word

the fourth step search number

The first step of


this requires us to proceed from the user’s point of view to consider the user will use those search terms to find us:

Second step

through the above three steps, you should have a series of options for the core keywords. Next, you can.

a person’s thinking is limited, so we in determining the core keywords, in addition to their own thinking, but also good at launch side people to help you to benefit by mutual discussion. Standers-by see more than gamesters. Sometimes for their web products and services too familiar, not easily from the other point of view to consider the issue. Then ask your family and friends, you will get closer to the user’s search keywords.

The first step of Third step to find the answer?

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