The holiday soon believe that search engine will have a big shock

action does not have too much what to say, love Shanghai upgrade algorithm which we insist on doing no ground for blame, as long as the station on the line, no need to go every day it search engine what algorithm changes. Many people love Shanghai several times after a big upgrade algorithm to become confused, do not know how to do keywords ranking. Heard this I was depressed, we must first understand the search engine algorithm upgrade rise is what level, station level to combat spam. To understand this truth I tell you what is the search engine update. We often hear the first generation search engine, the second generation search engine, the third generation search engine, the fourth generation of search engine.

tell you this thing? The reason is because the search engine is not as you said so fickle, although Google every year more than 500 times the adjustment, it is a tiny adjustment. You have the ability to look at the era of intelligent search across the breath, this is obviously not possible. You can upgrade the algorithm this year love released in Shanghai are upgrading what is, what is the upgrade algorithm ah, filtering algorithm in the upgrade, the ranking algorithm real still. So as long as we do in fact is a normal station, Never mind, search engine vibration will come, even if the search engine will inevitably shake as they say that strategy of injury, in fact now Shanghai is also love to open, you can go to the complaint, as long as it is in fact the injury, recovery is still a good chance.

search engine development ten years only to the second generation, the first generation is represented by YAHOO search engine directory, all manual editing. The second generation is represented by Google search engine spider web. In every day, flaunt oneself is what the third generation search engine, I think it’s bullshit want to be in the limelight, the fourth generation is business bluff thing. I think the third generation of search engines should be based on real-time information and intelligent search, semantic analysis of the three direction of the promotion, at present real-time information has already started to search and so on as the representative, love Shanghai can also index Sina micro-blog, Sogou intelligent search is known to love Shanghai and cubic entity as the representative search, but far not that day to mature.

Why did In fact,

In fact, for the

at least in June 28 that day was a small part of the site in the process of K a month to resume, the vast majority of injured site in September when it had recovered. So as long as the regular.

I saw

yesterday in the Chinaz forum headlines: holiday is just around the corner, waiting for the holidays by the search engine K station. This year, Shanghai love vibration is the history of the most serious, several big moves down, that part of Shanghai dragon Er personnel in pain. Which point is the choice before the holidays, this makes people very depressed. Love is the Shanghai do not want people to celebrate the festival, a year in the Spring Festival the biggest love Shanghai great earthquake will be great. I recently made a few new sites, but also very worried, but no way, it will come to this, we are not stopped, the key is ready before the earthquake.

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