A5 marketing what are some important factors in the real estate website down right


so far, there are a variety of real estate websites on the Internet, these sites are the major real estate business promotion, promotion, sales of real estate, the real estate website very much, cause some keywords are serious competition, some owners in order to key area real estate do the home page, can be said to be tried for example, a large number of buy high quality chain, chain, or black competitors site, a variety of methods all use, many owners also do these, but still can not escape the site is down right phenomenon. A lot of real estate due to improper reduction of rights, K webmaster, this also let the real estate owners very sad, after some site is down right in there is no signs of recovery, so many owners do not understand their own website in the end is what causes the drop right and K station. The following A5 marketing and communicate with us, some important factors in the real estate website right down.

: 1


with the development of a well-off life, housing estate now become a necessity for people, almost every day to buy a house, some people choose the line to see the house, some people choose online to see the house, there are people directly through telephone consultation, in a variety of ways to buy a. According to incomplete data from the current, most of the workers do not have too much time to buy a house, so the local real estate website from the Internet to buy a house in the local real estate website can see a variety of real estate and house, so the online purchase of houses also give users a lot of experience. Of course, more and more users to buy houses in the real estate website, which also makes the area of major real estate sites began to compete with each other, because only love in Shanghai home before several web sites will be more users to click.

: 2

first, the serious stack keywords site home page. The most common phenomenon is the home of real estate network stack keywords, when you search for a real estate website, you will see a lot of piling up "second-hand real estate network, Moumou Moumou Moumou, Moumou, real estate net real net rental network" title in the search engine, it is only on the surface, if you look Keywords tag will also see the stack of these keywords. Why should they stack? Because these words are the target keywords, can bring traffic to the site, so they deliberately in the title, keywords, description on the label stack keywords, moreover, the content of home also has a lot of local stack keywords, these have affected the user experience, to know the search engine according to the quality of the user experience and judgment, so deliberately stack will cause the search engine discontent and be punished.


, a home page in the station there is a serious pile

two, the main navigation on extra channels and rarely update



then, leading.

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