A new article more than 100 a day to P webmaster friends inspiration

two is the quality of

updated daily article is the webmaster friends for one thing must adhere to the website optimization, I choose the time every night, during the day because of the need to go to work, can only use the night time to update the article and the chain construction under this website, because of the limited time, so the net station is generally to update the station in the main outside this chain can be said to be ignored. But let me feel happy, often can be found from the website traffic statistics, the article often can bring more than 100 IP a day, for the new station is a very rare thing, because the weight is low, compete with others is simply the egg stone, from the analysis of these articles can be summed up several key points:

, a web site keywords mining, layout and optimization is the webmaster friends must solve the problem, we all know that the site traffic, not only is that several popular keywords bring traffic, long tail keywords bring traffic is quite large, have their own set of methods for keyword mining webmaster friends, in addition to the the use of tools, the latter can also be through the background traffic statistics found some valuable keywords. Through the optimization of the site and summarizes some ideas about keyword optimization, the first case to their share:

flow but the competition small keywords, can be said to be very rare. In general the more competitive keywords, is the number of people search the more, but we can make good use of keyword tools, often to analyze and find some valuable keywords, and then enter the open mining tools through the corresponding sites on the web, we are not difficult to find a lot of popular keywords are the column page or a single article up to do, if we have the quality of a little high, the search engine you row to the top is perfectly logical and reasonable. Keywords for mining, I think there is one point to note is that now there are many keywords are painted, brush the drop-down box, love Shanghai love Shanghai search are very crazy, we should try to avoid those "false" keywords, because it is not what value, and no flow.

should pay attention to the content of the article

> three

has the quality of the ranking is also very beneficial. What is the quality? I believe that many owners are still very much puzzled by their own, manually prepared is of good quality? In fact it may not be, we now find many webmaster directly to QQ chat records directly copied to your website, can this article is absolutely 100% the original, in the network is the one and only, but this is probably not the users love, no value to the users of the article, the original article if the user does not have value, will also be search engine abandoned. For this update, my approach is pseudo original and original, but only one purpose, is to build the user needs of the article.

is to dig out those who have small but competitive flow

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