Analysis of a large overseas portal of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

Hello, I am virtual son rain. There are many large sites of the Shanghai dragon is not doing well, but the domestic situation is Shanghai dragon talent is very scarce, one reason is that the development of Shanghai dragon is not a long time, the second reason is that the domestic development of Shanghai dragon is not healthy, many workers in Shanghai Longfeng or stay in the level of execution, really do the portal requirements are rare, because the portal site is very high for Shanghai dragon talent requirements, technical expertise, here not only need the Shanghai dragon talent executive ability, but also for the team management and data analysis ability is relatively strong, so long as you lay a good foundation and Shanghai dragon, transverse the longitudinal in-depth to improve themselves, will be a very good chance. I have a friend who is doing a abroad portal, because the business needs, this one to Shanghai dragon play its due role, want me to give them the website of Shanghai Longfeng present advice, it is a little diagnosis, some problems existing under site specific share below. These problems you may encounter a lot of friends, hoping to bring some reference value for everyone.

in the original website, I understand the website construction ideas, to tell the truth it was considering the user experience, and the conversion rate of post operation of website is very good, but may not be considered for the controllability of the late Shanghai Longfeng, architecture of the URL website is relatively poor, such as internal website the classification of channel about several countries, the first URL not standardized, then users see this URL is not good to understand the contents of the URL, a very simple solution is to classify each country.

such as the original URL: this column is /index.php? M=content& c=index& a=lists& catid=23, here to modify, can be simple in the root directory or the channel is created below the /usa/ file, here to avoid loss before the link weight in the modification time, can be considered good old URL to the new URL 301 redirect. There are some similar URL architecture, such as some of the links in the navigation site, here is not to repeat the solution is introduced, considering the Shanghai dragon and user experience.

When the

2, for the website included ratio analysis

1, the architecture of the URL website

website contains the proportion of cases is a very important indicator of website optimization, because in theory, the higher the proportion of the website included that the web site of the Shanghai dragon do better, web resource utilization rate is high, get the search engine recognition is also higher, for example in our website created 100 ", a collection of 90, obviously the content of the website information to get recognized by the search engines,"

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