Are you still in the chain and set in the website optimization

keyword ranking:





, a collection is really better?

this is actually a long time is not the site, although the domain name is 7 years, but doing this station is about 4 months, and the home is the imitation of intoxicants mall, the chain 57, in fact, minus the internal links only 23, it seems that the site did not spend too much time to achieve good ranking optimization. Here’s what included two views and the chain according to their own views:

included and the chain:

ranked under the trend of the site, now what Shanghai dragon is right? The chain and set to ever so important? Now most Shanghai dragon Er that included promotion website weight and achieve one of the important factors ranking, but also provided an important channel for ascending chain keywords ranking and weight. But we found some sites included and the chain is very small, but the number is very strong, the screenshots show:

love Shanghai search engine at the user experience, and a number of websites have been punished, now do station was not accidental and lucky, in the face of the search engine algorithm, good user experience is the only entry. Recently, keywords ranking drop proportion than the lift ratio, it is still in love in Shanghai continues to depress high quality does not meet the user experience of the website; for the July data were observed, found a large number of website ranking decline (website mostly fell, the rise is what it should? Are equal. In fact, this is a part of the site survey, such as ranking 10 on their website), such as:


is not included and the only way is to enhance the website weight ranking, the low quality of the content is harmful to the website, in order to included and update the site snapshot, is a wrong method, because the content is meaningless for users, enterprise station news, without a certain brand support, believe that few users will see, they are most concerned about the quality of the price of the products, services, rather than the few broken articles; in fact, in order to collect the snapshot to update the website, may have articles to write a short period of time, a long time will find related topics has been written, only repeatedly to repeat the original topic, it will cause a decline in the quality of the website content and repeat.


the number of Web sites included can achieve more long tail keywords ranking, but also stood up to update the content in the needs of users, enterprise users are most concerned about the quality of your products and price, the article has little meaning; news station users are most concerned about the latest news.

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