How do the key words on the front page the inside pages of the seconds in 15 days

list page code





said the record, is actually a problem, but also pay more attention to the site later I think, a website if you want to survive in the search engine, so the record is necessary, and must be filed in the site before, such as our late optimization will reduce a lot of trouble, I have experienced many such cases, on the site a little bit flow, ranking, and then take it if the record, then the site must first shut down, and shut down a web site is more than a month, the site on what is gone.


domain name blog opened in October 2012 03, it has been two months and 08 days, perhaps a lot of Shanghai compatriots to see the true age of dragon er the domain name, the author thinks is a title of the party, the title is clearly written in 15 days, here the author corrects, the author is not the title of the party the author, after the opening of the domain name is not immediately available, but the domain name record down, spent more than a month in the process of filing.

many times, many places, some of the grassroots webmaster discussion website optimization topics continue to appear in the author’s eyes, and I have a lot of time thinking about writing a practical steps of the optimization of the railway station, but in many cases are not to write, I want to play today, this topic, I took my own for the problem of


can be seen from the above three page code, the author of each page of the relevant tags are not the same, but there are many grassroots webmaster and many veteran Shanghai dragon will make a big mistake, that is the label of each page are the same, I see a lot of website, there are also this situation, for example (website all list page labels are as like as two peas such website is) not suitable for search engine requirements, will only bring trouble to the search engine

The front page of


second, website update, the update site actually have not spent a lot of time, every other day for a user to add a web site to help of the article, the author believes that only the content of the website to help users, users will love your website, users like your site, so the viscosity will increase thus, the search engine will also fall in love with your site, here the author is not only to the user in the content provided.

well, nonsense words do not say, direct access to the theme. First of all, the establishment of good in the website, I will never be a blind, every part of the author will be carefully check to the website, websites can reach for search engine optimization was on the line, take a look at the simple code three pages here (home page, list, page



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