Pomegranate algorithm conjecture love Shanghai how to judge the quality of web pages


today, we try to search starting from the user interaction perspective, how to judge the quality of that love Shanghai.

if the page has pop

love Shanghai how to judge the quality of search behavior? I think, according to the following 2 points:

if a page two click rate is very low, love Shanghai search engine have reason to believe that this page keywords matching degree is very high, but the quality is guaranteed. Because many users have cast a key vote for ".

, however, most of the love is not installed Shanghai statistical search users, love Shanghai is not possible to track these key indicators, falling from the side of the sea through the circuitous tactics matching keywords, show that the matching degree is high, the higher the degree of quality.

so, "pomegranate algorithm", love Shanghai exactly is how to determine the quality of web pages? This article online more opinions are summarized in the following:

, through the two hits of search results (or more) to judge

is clear from the current focus of our research focused on Web page value judgment, lack of research and Analysis on the search behavior of user interaction.

two, through the time interval before the two click cost

assumes that love Shanghai to search for a keyword, and click on the A/B/C order according to respectively 3 results. The following figure:

for the installation of love Shanghai statistics users love Shanghai according to the bounce rate, exit rate, page retention time of several key indicators, it is easy to judge the quality of web pages.

The audience interested in the size of

of the page (alternative)

The scarcity of

according to the ordinary user habits, he will first open.

the page advertisement

pomegranate algorithm low quality page Terminator: May 17, 2013 afternoon, Shanghai love web search anti cheat team in Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement said: the official launch of the new algorithm in the algorithm "pomegranate after a week". The new algorithm will focus on rectifying the number of advertisements contain bad hinder the normal browsing of users page

two hits is a relative click for. Love Shanghai search default display 10 search results, we assume that such a scenario: a large number of users to click on the sixth results, no longer click on other results from common sense, sixth results ", is the best match, then the quality of natural high. If the data reaches a certain degree, the love of Shanghai is likely to put it up to the previous ranking (improve ranking weight).

How many

two hits refers to: when the user clicks on a result, (because of unsatisfactory results) produced second hits (or multiple) ratio of

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