Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to the high quality of the chain also need to do what

website for age, host space, website link layout and structure layout, the user experience of the website, the chain quantity and quality, and whether the optimization is cheating, and excessive PR and other factors, but the chain is one of the important proportion in the sea ranking rules,

past Shanghai dragon Er even now part of Shanghai dragon Er also are primary Shanghai dragon Er, only know the optimization of the blind, blind chain, blind information, but has been out. Why do you say, please listen carefully to.

page is white to write, how to write for the enterprise website to attract users to read the title of the article, this will need to have some sales thinking ability.

said here, the key content, Huaian Yun Ming Shanghai dragon team in addition to the technical ability, and various other enterprises that run Ming Shanghai Longfeng optimization team has more sales thinking and brand promotion planning ability, the two is not the lack of ability in the future.

is another example of a corporate website, in addition to products, but also improve the content of design to design technical articles or topics, it also needs to have the marketing thinking ability, such as an article is written, it is original, but the title did not attract users to read the

management, the readability of the article is not good as can be imagined where, if the readability of the acquisition but also violated the love Shanghai search engine’s original intention, if the original is false, the layman false original article may not go professional.

content is king, what kind of content is better? We can understand this, a website information content is certainly his core information, articles, papers and other words, a layman if this time is in charge of Shanghai Longfeng, SEM marketing people

For example: the domain name of the website As we mentioned above, the

why do you say, please Huaian Yun Ming Shanghai Longfeng optimization team for you to carefully.

we’ll talk about the Shanghai dragon er.

is our first Shanghai dragon Er sales thinking


first, now almost all people know to improve website ranking must send the chain, keep the hair of the chain, the high quality of the chain. But why a year long, website ranking or flat light, without the light of day, especially popular search keywords. Why do some sites before the ranking is very good, love Shanghai update algorithm or update directly after disappear or reduce weight ranking? Signs that only the hair of the chain is not the perfect rankings could not keep stable and lasting rankings. Because love Shanghai to the web page ranking is not only to rely on the weight of the chain.

real stable ranking is not only to achieve the "content is king, the chain for emperor", as it is important to do the user experience for.

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