The content of the website page optimization details as we must pay attention to the webmaster

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the content page optimization is a very important, as a webmaster can we are very clear that content is king, and the moment of the content page optimization, factors and details we may be estimated very much, such as content quality, optimize the user experience, improve the efficiency of crawling, these the details are all we have to consider the issue in advance in website page optimization process, the author will optimize the content page basis points we need to grasp and share with everyone.

content page optimization of a key chain is in the details of the optimization, the chain can not only help users find a good page corresponding to the keywords of the anchor text, but also expand the capture range of spider, enhance the basic weight of keywords, so many webmaster is widely used as a webmaster, we can not only the immediate interests, optimization using the chain of keywords and lost the most basic web site: user experience, here the author suggests that not all chains in all point to the same keywords within the chain, not all links to the home page, I found that many webmaster is only through the anchor link to the web page, it is very easy to fall into the optimization over the site right down, we should be targeted to different anchor text to related pages and pages. The anchor text appearing on the surface of a certain number of not more than three, too much of the anchor text is very influence of the user experience.

first, basic point is to create value for

second, especially the content page in the chain optimization must be natural and reasonable

said the 2014 website optimization is the most value of the keywords, as a webmaster we must understand the site is for the user, the writing of the article, product sales, brand building and all these things cannot do without the support of the users, our aim is to provide the content to create value for customers, with the development of electronic commerce the current Internet sites in all walks of life be too numerous to enumerate how we want our site, talent shows itself from the fierce competition, how to win a space for one person in the Internet, how to make search engines more at our site to give more weight to the content of the website undoubtedly is the most basic things, valuable content is to carefully consider our page optimization the first pass inside.

mentioned in many webmaster page optimization, could not help but think of the chain optimization, in fact, we also need to carefully maintain the content page, is an important factor for the high weight of the content page we also need to provide for the high weight of the chain of import, such as some of the content page carrying conversion rate the site long tail word is very high, this time it is necessary to enhance the content page weight through external optimization, such as the common love by Shanghai Wikipedia entries, through submission some news related to the source web site we should focus on the main push of the inside pages. Are we in the promotion through the external way >

third, you can continue to provide the inside pages of the weight of the chain

users high value

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