Shanghai of Shanghai dragon love snapshot of what it means to disappear

actually love Shanghai this practice is still in the snapshot cancel follow Google, do not know why here let I suddenly thought of a unified instant noodles advertising idiotic sauerkraut? Some people imitate my face, someone to imitate my face… This, even under the snapshot are imitated together (this is a slot point for Tucao). Since the love of Shanghai to do so, there must be a reason for it. With the adjustment of love Shanghai, for those of us webmaster means what? I have been summarized:


, we should pay more attention to the user experience

three, clear content release time

We choose

in the old domain will always find its historical snapshot, before the domain name is not to do illegal websites, after Shanghai love this adjustment, then the old domain will not check the history snapshot, so since we are likely to choose some had a poor record of the domain name, we do this for Shanghai Dragon optimization undoubtedly brought a lot of hidden dangers.

there are two problems in the construction of the content page: First: the release time display only the day when a bit, but did not specify the day of the month. Second: ignore the release time of this one. Love Shanghai in the upgrade announcement also said very clearly, the release time will be replaced before the snapshot time, returns the search results in time display position in the basic description of the first line of start. So the site there are two problems to the attention of friends, because.

two, the old domain increased risk

Many webmaster friends may

love Shanghai official on the day of the Lantern Festival announced the cancellation of Shanghai love snapshot, marks the continuation of many years of love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot era to an end, but for the love of Shanghai and in the end the snapshot website optimization between what is the subtle relationship "is also the problem and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the webmaster don’t have to worry about the site is the latest snapshot or there is no such correction problem. However, the days of love Shanghai snapshot just canceled, really still not used, because the time before the love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, the snapshot time will temporarily disappear for a while, the snapshot time disappear when will not appear again, initially gave me the illusion of love Shanghai is still in the adjustment algorithm. Used with a snapshot of the search results, it suddenly disappeared, feel what.

mentioned the word "timeliness" in Shanghai love to upgrade the announcement, snapshot time is the release time to replace. People want to see the most intuitive and fast new things in the Internet, love Shanghai emphasize the word "timeliness" also shows the love in Shanghai as the maximum to meet the tastes of the public, but also reflects the love of Shanghai through the adjustment of the algorithm of more and more attention to the user experience this factor the. We do Shanghai Longfeng optimization should always follow the pace of love in Shanghai, so in the construction site to site experience to do better, to lay a solid foundation for the later optimization.

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