Talking about love Shanghai 360 soso Sogou search promotion

obviously, at this stage, as the Dragon phoenix. As for the 300 before much raise a Babel of criticism of war, will not repeat them here.

Come to talk about

1. Sogou is rubbish, and the rubbish is very obvious. I click on is accurate core keywords, but is low in a complete mess consultation. Often there will be a humble key is point to the explosion of wonders, we can adjust the words off pause. But the dog is very strong, not a few days, and there will be another batch is point to the explosion.

360, which stands for 360 point search marketing platform, a little touch of meaning, I do not know is not for the love of Shanghai phoenix nest system.


it cannot be blamed entirely on Zhou Hongyi Road, but the opponents too suck

do need Sogou for a big heart, a male account such as Hunan Yueyang, you will find that the people of the province will be through the "Yueyang andrology hospital" this word into the business.

operation Sogou, soso account friends may have the pain of cutting one’s body:

is now the only problem, claiming to do care, don’t earn money when meiliangxin 360 can reach its expected earnings. We also note that there are many edge ball products such as "360, 10 minutes to lose weight" and "joint venture project".

auction industry friends, may have multiple accounts, roughly the same layout may also love Shanghai based promotion, 360, Sogou, SOSO supplement. Self bidding network Xiaobian today is to briefly share the bidding promotion channels of view:

2.soso although not so obvious lower Sogou malicious clicks, but overall flow is too small, can only be regarded as playing assistant team. For some time, soso intends to force mobile terminal equipment, but the effect is not obvious.

, the title did not mention Google, but in the domestic search engine marketing.

, Sogou, soso’s ability to promote the core operations and products can not help but doubt.


and Sogou, soso customer service, how to say, it is not professional, whether in the account maintenance and assist in dealing with love Shanghai customer service has a big gap.

soso Sogou, it is one of the fellow sufferers. The layout of the search hard for so many years, 360 a few months reached a high profile, will seize the industry second seat.


because I love Shanghai market share as high as 70%, as long as the investment permit, Shanghai is a must for basic love. Although love Shanghai this piece of the delivery costs more and more high, but many friends still hold more love Shanghai account, especially in the medical industry, each department may have one or more accounts.

The bidding flow These two people on the

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