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2. site title I modified a

I know this truth, a website to good titles do not frequent to modify, but because I saw a Shanghai dragon ER says: occasionally a modified title can make the website main keywords ranking results quickly before, I don’t know, but I have to try, with the previous title post contrast, unmodified before: Whampoa  logistics company _ Guangzhou logistics company | Jinlong logistics | logistics company – Guangzhou Jinlong Logistics Co. Ltd., Revised: Guangzhou logistics company _ logistics company in Whampoa  _ logistics company – Guangzhou City Jinlong flow limited. There is no right or wrong, maybe I really do not suitable for

Although the

because of the company’s business needs, companies need to add Huangpu District logistics service line, but we are doing the country, add a is 400, our company is a small logistics company, adding so much, no sustainable increase, I think this is one of the reasons.

1. website

website is a problem, but I think a station is not a K that is not a good website, because K after you can find more reason to do optimization in combination with better user experience at the same time, ranking off, my knowledge of sad depressed for a moment, still insist on doing daily work every day, until today the number 30 has not recovered. Why, I think half a month to work, seem to find several reasons:

Add information to logistics service single

love Shanghai every time on the most important days will give owners a special gift, the gift has received joy, sorrow, happy people experience a double surprise, because Google has updated, heard someone in the group shouted, my station included in 80W from PR from 0 to 300W. 5, some even 6. are desperate, hundreds of thousands were included into 1 K, the high weight of the site from 7 from 6 to 6 and 5, believe that the data we have been heard. 520 also did not go far, I don’t know what 628 days, may be said to be the party’s birthday before to give you a gift, I was in my 627 logistics station busy at night, update the logistics news information to the middle of the night, the data, check the website included snapshot of the chain, the main keywords logistics company in Guangzhou, Whampoa  logistics the two keyword ranking, a sixth page one page, I have been in the small white hat mentality, holding the mentality of a persevere, unshakable patience in my diligent management this logistics company website, after a dream, second days opened a computer look, I just want to say, brother vulnerable, love Shanghai and hung up, he can’t say K I stand, but the main ranking all I lost, all the other data upgrade, tangled is K is not K or the A problem, I studied for two days, now share some of the insights obtained this update for everyone.

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