Li Dongmin love the sea will launch mobile search support program

at present, the rapid rise of mobile Internet, more and more Internet giants migrate to the mobile terminal, the intelligent mobile phone interface, interactive experience, in the application form there is a huge difference, in part of the long tail of small owners and developers, mobile Internet is still a new field, in the face of more complex industry the environment, owners, developers how to successfully end from web

strong distribution capabilities of

Li Dongmin will upgrade to the mobile terminal station is divided into three categories: one is designed specifically for the mobile terminal, including only suitable products and function on the mobile terminal, screening and download applications such as APP, PC in the end there is no need to optimize, this.

wireless Internet value and potential should not be underestimated. Because the domestic radio bearer user scale is expected to soon exceed 800 million, the future wireless web traffic will be PC end times, real life experience and the way closer to the user’s. At PC end, love Shanghai search provides import traffic cashing services for more than 600 thousand of the partners in the field of wireless Internet, Li Dongmin believes that love Shanghai in the field of wireless traffic distribution capabilities, can be output to the owners and application developers. 2012 Q1 data show that the love of Shanghai mobile web search share to maintain absolute leading, occupy more than half, more than any other search engine mobile web search market share sum.

Shanghai in the eyes of love

Wireless traffic to mobile?

obviously, love has been ahead of Shanghai in the field of wireless Internet search, web page layout, in the wireless APP application distribution and other aspects of the establishment of the leading position, continue to play the role of main entrance. With the application of APP store to find the difference, low quality, love Shanghai search can directly capture the user demand, efficient distribution, become a mainstream form of Internet users access to APP applications. This guide will help owners and developers to complete the effect of two rapid development in the wireless terminal.

The mobile station of

recently, in the 2012 Shanghai love alliance summit, love Shanghai mobile product management director Li Dongmin said, in recent years, the mobile web search volume rapid growth, the annual compound growth rate of more than 150%, fell in love with the sea will launch mobile search more actively support the plan, help replication has advantages in the web end of the station to the mobile phone, complete transfer and innovation.

hot mobile Internet has just begun, many owners and developers are not familiar to the development, operation, revenue and other sectors, different from the traditional form of web, mobile user experience provides support of "touch display, and the new APP client two options, the latter is more popular, but also a lot of potential problems. How to owners and developers in the two forms of choice confusion, Li Dongmin suggested that the two legs, one hand will have the PC web content using tools, low-cost ported to the mobile terminal, on the other hand, according to the interactive APP unique experience, independent APP application design.

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