The search how to make a sub directory two ranking

love Shanghai "Shanghai dragon", introduced are the industry elite website, one of the most popular webmaster attention is nothing more than only the "Shanghai dragon forum". The binary but recently discovered a strange phenomenon: love in Shanghai home, why a subdirectory station search engine will be given two times ranking? Also have to admire only good skill, well below a look at the specific case analysis:

Although the The

forum home observation shows that the station has an end in "/bbs" to the end of the URL, the other is "/bbs/". The link with /bbs/ or other two versions: 1, "xxx贵族宝贝/bbs/" is a complete directory link format specification performance. 2, the "xxx贵族宝贝/bbs" link format, "the meaning of action to the back of the URL directory. What do you mean, perhaps some friends don’t understand, then we give another example, such as: xxx贵族宝贝/bbs/aaaaa/bbb/1.html, or "there are two explanations: first meaning the website address in the second" / "to" improve the BBS subdirectory, its role in "BBS". Another explanation for the second "/" second meanings is the directory specification to "AAAA", and BBS is an independent URL carrier, not affiliated with the "bbs/".


observation shows that the Shanghai dragon why forum chain link mainly has two forms: ****贵族宝贝/bbs and ****贵族宝贝/bbs/. In the webmaster view, its link is not a subdirectory, what is the difference between the two? IE open the same must all show the directory site. But the blame in the search engine to have been divided, with "/" and without "/" or approved for two different sites. But on the other hand, itself is a station, search engine does not require the sub directory website construction should pay attention to "/" at the end, otherwise it is not cheating, can only say the rules or defects.

: a kind of Links

two: website chain analysis

found the problem? Love Shanghai search "Shanghai dragon", a search engine gives the two page ranking, and the weight distribution is very high, can be said that did not affect the weight of dispersion. At the same time, if the owners can make this site keywords ranking, is the "double harvest" effect, make a stand, more to do the equivalent of two different stations. So this phenomenon is how to generate? The first observation of the composition of the domain name, only the "Shanghai dragon" forum with the subdirectory construction, but the search engine why give a subdirectory of the two different from different rankings? Most binary analysis made a point of personal observation:

three: 301 status code query

why two page > Shanghai Dragon


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