The love Shanghai algorithm upgrade one or two views

compared to the difference between the 6.28 events is ahead of the announcement we will update algorithm, then there may be K station tidal wave, on the other hand, some mentioned algorithm to adapt to the "low quality" standard.

5, a large number of illegal websites or fraud, may cause the user property loss

2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself.

3, "with accumulation of keywords or articles are not related to the topic, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, without the help of the essence of

2, half the content of the collection site or a living space. Just love Shanghai original algorithm recognition ability is very strong, very accurate algorithm. For some webmaster especially personal Adsense, guarantee a certain proportion of the original content site, this site can still get a space for one person from among Shanghai love.

users search for relevant keywords

"according to our assessment, the update algorithm will enable 4%~5% keyword search experience improved algorithm, the accuracy rate reaches a fairly high degree." It is estimated to love Shanghai will upgrade the algorithm. I do not know how to see the results. The merchants (www.zsw365贵族宝贝) original, welcome to keep the link >

4, fraud Fishing Web site has become the focus of everyone. Shanghai love again and again by fraud, phishing websites to discredit the efforts to do this also makes sense. Do not know stationmaster in the choice of advertising alliance, the alliance will be made it illegal advertising.

3, keywords, keyword density is still the focus. When become chicken ribs, keyword stuffing become the most ancient means of cheating, love Shanghai specifically reiterated this point. I think in this key point effort, still have a little effect on page ranking.


4, posing as official website to trick users in the title and meta tags in the

1, love Shanghai increase the recognition algorithm of the original content, prior to 6.28K station after the incident, the Shanghai declaration has many love original content recognition algorithm preliminary and constantly improve (August 10th love Shanghai to engage in similar stationmaster clinic open day repeatedly mentioned). Whether the original recognition ability is strong, remains to be seen.

June 28th K station storm still fresh, there are a large number of K sites is not restored, this day Shanghai webmaster Community Manager Lee published a post, said the upgrade algorithm does not end, screenshots are as follows:

statement is not true The

from the announcement, the author views, welcomed the exchange of.

1, random collection content, statement is unreasonable, the reader cannot obtain needed information from.

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