Shanghai love experience hidden reference links the family know it

Finally I wish happy New Year everyone

is a good thing, but also hanging into it the arrogance of the capital;

used to love Shanghai experience reference links are added "access" warning prompt,


The chain of

and love the experience of Shanghai or in the

more than two pictures are the same experience the love of Shanghai, but at different times

but there is nothing to hide the reference links, can not be said to be removed, the reference links or in the




done outside the chain of children in Shanghai love experience, understand the love experience of Shanghai submitted article should be considered as a good site outside the chain of

earnings per thousand views ranging from =3~5 yuan.

you know we do the chain is not only to the chain in Shanghai love experience, or for the drainage of

article from: love soldiers blog

! !

this picture is just from my love in Shanghai experience a snapshot of the

share experience can also earn a little money: twelve at noon back to enjoy the "join" plan (a daily quota of 100)

Of course the

if you edit the article, you will see some reference or indeed.

is love Shanghai home both products are included, the spider crawling time interval and the search engine to all the weight is very impressive:



although the link is hidden, but the chain from experience or, if necessary, may be appropriate to do outside the chain of love experience in Shanghai.


article history screenshots. ! !

snapshot only once, now look at the bar:


– now become aggravated links directly to the hidden

finally add some dessert: in order to make reference to the need of the chain link, corresponding to the contents of the thesis and the content of experience is similar to that of "link" should not fill in the home page of the site may not be generally negative!

can clearly see the bottom of a "reference link to my blog;


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